Edible Earth will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new nutritional therapy consultation services onsite from 2-4 p.m. on July 19.

“We’re happy to introduce the newest alternative health offering to our community and wish to thank those who helped bring this project to fruition,” said Steph Boyanowski, owner of Edible Earth. “The ribbon-cutting ceremony for Edible Earth will mark the beginning of health-conscious individuals in our rural area having access to more alternative health options. I hope to be of great service to our community and wish everyone to enjoy the bounty of an Edible Earth.”

Stephanie Boyanowski is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner. She received her certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association in June 2019. Boyanowski grew up in Mansfield and is a graduate of Mansfield Jr./Sr. High.

She previously attended Alfred State College and attained a degree in veterinary technology, becoming a licensed veterinary technician and working in that field for 10 years.

She has always been intrigued by alternative health, and after suffering from health issues herself that conventional medicine could not help, she turned to diet changes and alternative medicine to find relief.

Edible Earth is a nutritional therapy consultation service offering individualized nutritional recommendations to clients. It focuses on improving foundational health using a nutrient dense, whole foods diet at the forefront with respect for each person’s bio-individuality.

Nutritional therapy is appropriate for anyone wishing to use whole foods to improve their health, including individuals with diabetes, high blood pressure, skin conditions, weight concerns, digestive issues, infertility, hormone dysfunction, fatigue, allergies, and many other conditions. Edible Earth will also offer group services, including those to support healthy weight loss, curb sugar cravings, or improve diet overall.

Edible Earth is located in the Bellow’s Health Systems Complex, with parking space and access from Main Street. It has a private office for consultations and offers online courses as well on the website: www.EdibleEarthNutrition.com.