The North Central Penn Board of Realtors gathered for a Christmas Party at the Corey Creek Country Club outside of Mansfield on Dec. 19, during which all the money collected during the party and from the games — which totaled $2,000 — went to local food banks.

Sixty realtors and some spouses attended. The evening included some business, including installation of the 2020 board of directors, but also some fun.

The officers and board include: president, Carol Hoke; president elect, Dawn Avery; secretary, BJ Hall; and treasurer, Cathy Shumway. The board includes Thomas Saveri, Sandy Wilson and Sandy Stevens, three-year term; Christina VanDergrift, Terry Bryant and Shelly Wattles, two-year term; and David Earle, Cheryl Malason and Robert Wood, one-year term.

Those attending played the “left-right” game. Each player donated $10 to play and passed around gifts to the left or the right each time that word was said in a reading, with the last person keeping the gift in hand.

Each real estate office purchased a gift to be used in a different game where the players had to “purchase” five playing cards for $20.

The cards were torn in half and one half of each card was placed in a bag in front of the gift the player wanted to win. Cards are drawn and players had to produce the other half of the card to claim the gift.

At the end of the evening, the group auctioned off a basket filled with gift cards and lottery tickets for $300.