Among the topics discussed at the commissioners meeting Jan. 14, were the hiring of a full-time LPN for Tioga County Prison and the approved funding for the Farmland Preservation Program.

The commissioners approved funding for the 2020 Farmland Preservation Program. The commissioners agreed to purchase the development rights for a 25th farm. In doing so, the commissioners preserve the most productive land in the commonwealth and secure that land to remain farmland and the farmers are compensated.

Before the Farmland resolution, commissions Roger Bunn and Erick Coolidge noted the absence of commissioner Mark Hamilton as he was in Harrisburg at a commissioners’ meeting. There, Hamilton would be discussing five major points important to Tioga County including: increased funding for health and behavioral health services, emergency medical services, county property tax reform options, rural broadband expansion and adult probation funding.

Back home, Bunn and Coolidge discussed a number of topics including the hiring of Katie Fritz as a full-time LPN at Tioga County Prison.

Following the discussion of personnel hirings the commissioners approved three resolutions. The first was a Fair Housing Resolution for the implementation of programs to ensure equal opportunity in housing for all people regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, familial status, disability, age and ancestry.

The second resolution was the appointment of Sean Sember as Tioga County’s Section 504 Officer.

The third was a resolution for Tioga County’s support of the U.S. Constitution Second Amendment and Pennsylvania State Constitution Article 1, Section 21. The resolution does not close the door on other efforts such as sanctuary county status, but recognizes Tioga County’s support for both the U.S. Constitution Second Amendment and Pennsylvania State Constitution Article 1, Section 21.

The commissioners then approved a grantee sub-agreement between Tioga County and Cleveland Dream Center. The Dream Center has been tentatively approved for a PA Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement fund grant for $200,000. The commissioners made mention that this is not a grant by the county but by the state as part of Act 13 funds.

Also discussed were a few work projects including a new elevator for the court house, a drainage project at Tioga County Prison as well as a proposal from Cleveland Brothers for a new generator at Tioga County Prison.

The next commissioners meeting is scheduled for Feb. 11.