The Wellsboro Growers Market will be from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. this Thursday, June 25 and every Thursday through Oct. 8, on the front lawn of the First Presbyterian Church at 130 Main St., Wellsboro, weather permitting.

The June 25 market will be the first one this season for Udder Merry Mac Farm and the last one until September for Growin’ Native.

Also at the market on June 25 will be Justina Swartwood and Boki Cvetkovski of Wellsboro with their Scentillating Creations, a selection of candles, soaps and other products.

“It was Christmas time in 2018 when my fiancée and I fell in love with making soaps and candles,” said Cvetkovski.

“Making soaps led us to making candles because you buy the supplies for both in the same places,” Swartwood said.

Swartwood had a booth at the Wellsboro Plaza Marketplace. In January 2019, she took some of the hand-poured scented candles and soaps to the booth and “they took off,” Cvetkovski said. “We were just playing around. I didn’t know we were going to start a business.”

Today, the couple has a line of wax melts, liquid soaps, air fresheners, car fragrance diffusers and body splashes available in 150 scents and can do custom orders.

“One of our most popular scents year-round is pumpkin apple butter,” said Cvetkovski. “Another is unicorn farts. It smells delicious, like grape-flavored Hubba Bubba bubble gum. In the summer, people like our combination scents, such as basil, sage and mint; cucumber melon; mandarin peach; and white tea and ginger.”

“For the Thursday markets, we take some of our more popular products and add in a couple of new ones,” said Swartwood.

“We also own the CBJ Collective Gift Shop and Piano Studio at 152 Main St. (formerly the West End Market Café),” Cvetkovski said.

The shop also has an inventory of Swartwood’s handmade crocheted items, the candles, soaps and other products.

Also at this Thursday’s market will be Hillstone Farms with beef, pork and ham; Aunt Lulu’s Embroidery; WindStone Landing Farms with non-GMO and chemical-free foods; New View Farm with artisan breads; Between Two Rivers maple products; Yorkshire Meadows with freshly made goodies; and Staggering Unicorn wines sold by the bottle.

All vendors and customers at the market are asked to wear masks and to stay at least six feet from each other.

Vendors who want to participate are asked to email or call 570-439-2000.