Hills Creek State Park at 111 Spillway Road, Wellsboro, Pa. 16901 is offering free in-person programs in July. Attendance is limited. Those who want to attend must register by calling the park office at 570-724-4246 no later than 5:30 p.m. the day of an event. All attendees are required to bring a mask with them and follow CDC guidelines, including staying six feet away from each other.

Fish-for-Free All Day at Hills Creek, July 4

This Saturday, is Fish-for-Free Day on Hills Creek Lake. No registration is required. The public is invited to catch the fun of fishing on Independence Day. No one needs a fishing license. All other fishing regulations still apply. Those who want to fish must bring their own tackle and bait. Those with questions can call the park office at 570-724-4246 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Update on PA Black Bears, July 5

This one-hour update on black bears will begin at 8 p.m. this Sunday. Pennsylvania has one of the largest black bear populations in the United States. Learn about the new management plan for black bears as well as bear nature studies. Registration is required.

Coyotes in PA, July 10

This one-hour program will start at 8 p.m. on Friday. Coyotes are well established members of the wildlife community in this area. Find out where they came from and how to identify them. Registration is required.

Whitetail Deer: Built to Survive, July 19

This one-hour program will begin at 8 p.m. on Sunday. Whitetail deer face daily challenges to survive in Pennsylvania’s woods. Learn about their anatomy, physiology and behaviors, which help these mammals to overcome disease, predators and injuries as they thrive among us. Registration is required.

Critter Call, July 26

At 8:30 p.m. Sunday, is Critter Call. This nighttime one-hour program offers a chance to see nocturnal wildlife in a unique way. Following a brief orientation, participants will travel to spots in and around the park to call in gray fox using night lights and an electronic game call. Deer, raccoons, owls and coyotes may also be encountered as participants hike discreetly into the woods and call from several locations. It is limited to 12 people, ages 10 and above. Registration is required.


Call the park office at 570-724-4246 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.for more information.