Julia Decamp

Wellsboro Hornet’s freshman cross country runner Julia Decamp.

In sports, from time to time you hear stories of athletes overcoming adversity by playing through injuries or unimaginable circumstances during competition, and Julia Decamp, a freshman cross country runner for the Wellsboro Hornets, accomplished a feat of that caliber this year for her team.

In her first year running for Wellsboro, freshman Julia Decamp put together a solid campaign for her team and her drive and perseverance was evident during a race in Northeast Bradford on Oct. 1.

As Decamp was attempting the finish, at around the half mile remaining mark, she noticed something wrong. But she was determined to finish as fast as possible for her team. She continued on and ending up finishing the race in her fourth best time of the entire season of 23:36.

She ended up having one of her best outings of the year finishing 17th overall and came in second for the Wellsboro Hornets team. For a first year varsity runner it was impressive to even be able to finish so far up in the standings, but the actual amazing part was she accomplished all of this on a broken foot.

Decamp didn’t learn about the injury until later that day, but the ability to push on for her team was astounding.

Her main goal was to finish as fast as possible for the sake of her team, and she persevered through a broken foot in order to do so.