Cadian Alexander

Cadian Alexander takes a shot on goal during a practice scrimmage.

The North-Penn Liberty boys soccer team currently sits at 2-8 so far this season, and have been in the process of developing a very young core group of players. Anytime you have a younger team, it takes time to build a cohesive nature that can come up with wins.

The Liberty boys soccer team has put together a good season despite having a low win total and are growing as a unit. “The way I look at it, with such a young team, we’re doing pretty good,” coach Matt Grimmel commented when asked about the performance of his team so far this season.

Grimmel also went on to say that with a young roster, there have been a few players that have improved throughout the season, and the player he thinks has taken the biggest step forward was forward Zachary Hoffman. He also went on to say how his biggest goals for the remainder of the season is being able to come together as a team.

There are also some areas that are in need of improvement for the remainder of the season. The defense has struggled throughout and coach Grimmel wants to shore up that defense as the season continues. “We need to learn from our mistakes, and try and play better as the season goes on.”

Some of the players got a chance to weigh in on the season as well, Cadian Alexander, one of the up and coming players on the team said, “I think we’ve done pretty good for what we have this season. We started off a little slow, and we have gotten better as as we’ve continued through the season.” Also goalkeeper Jayden Good commented on some improvements needed for his team to improve on for the remainder of the season. “The areas our team can improve on is our mindset, our team needs to learn how to go into games thinking we can win.”

The Liberty soccer team will look to continue to develop their young roster in their final five games of the season. Their next contest is home against the Towanda Black Knights.