Liberty Volleyball

The North Penn-Liberty Mounties volleyball squad celebrates another victory over the rival Hornets in a 3-0 sweep on Friday night.

LIBERTY — Friday, Oct. 18, the North Penn-Liberty Mounties hosted the Wellsboro Hornets for a fierce rivalry volleyball rematch on their senior night. Seniors honored at the match included Grace Tice, JoAnne McNamara, Hannah Bowens, Maddison Minyo, Elizabeth Welch and Patelin Nowak. The girls received flowers and posters made by their teammates in recognition.

In the first set of action, the Mounties started off strong with a 5-0 lead. After some powerful plays by Wellsboro, the Mounties continued to fight, growing their lead to 11-6. Fans on the bleachers were almost silent, as they watched each play with anticipation. The first set ended with a final score of 25-13 with the Mounties able to take control of the game with a 1-0 lead.

During the second set, the Hornets jumped out to a 3-1 lead early, but the Mounties bounced back quickly and tied the score at three. A back and forth of points led to another tie at 11-11, with both teams struggling to gain control of the set. The Hornets were able to grab a three-point lead soon afterwards to gain one of the biggest leads of the set so far.

The struggle for a lead continued to be an intense showdown, especially when the two teams tied the score yet again at 20 apiece. However, the Mounties made a surprising surge in the last few plays of the set. The Mounties pulled off a second set win after scoring the final five points of the set and closed out the score to 25-20 in the second set with the Mounties taking a commanding 2-0 lead.

The third and final set began with several close calls and saves from both teams. Wellsboro jumped out to a quick lead, but the Mounties caught up quickly and stole the lead and momentum with a 9-5 score early. The Mounties continued to hit hard in the middle of the set, determined to maintain their undefeated season against one of their toughest opponents of the year.

With some amazing teamwork, the Mounties took over the third set with a ten point lead over the Hornets 21-11 and were in complete control from that point on.

As the third set wound down, the Mounties became even more of an offensive force on the court, making it difficult for the Hornets to score any points. The final score of the third set was 25-12, with the Mounties coming out on top.

The Wellsboro teamwork was very apparent in this matchup and was a force to be reckoned with, specifically in the second set, when they had pulled ahead for most of the set. While the Mounties walked away from the court with the win, both schools had an amazing performance on the court.

After the match had ended, Coach Jennifer Nawri commented on her team’s performance that night “I think the girls get really nervous and hyped for playing these kinds of challenging matches. The thing that I’m most impressed by these girls is how they play as a team. They go out there and it’s not just one or two players who are bringing the team up, it’s everybody. It’s an all-around fantastic team.”

The Mounties have one game left on their schedule after defeating the Williamson Warriors team on Tuesday, Oct. 22 with yet another 3-0 sweep. They will face the Cowanesque Valley Indians Thursday Oct. 24 on their home floor to attempt to close out their season undefeated and move into district play.