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Whitney Kay Sellers, 26, of Lindely, N.Y. was charged with retail theft, criminal conspiracy and receiving stolen property following a report of two suspects fleeing on foot after stealing merchandise from Walmart in Richmond Township, Dec. 7. Amanda Jean Mattison, 31, of Corning, N.Y. and Gabriel Jonathan Wilkins, 41, of Athens, were also charged with retail theft and receiving stolen property along with Sellers during the reported theft. When police arrived on the scene they witnessed two individuals matching a description of the suspects enter a 2005 Chevrolet Trail Blazer. Police then conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle in the parking lot. Upon making contact with the driver and passengers police reportedly noticed that occupants appeared nervous. Police requested an additional trooper assist and also requested Walmart loss prevention come to the parking lot to identify the actors. After Mattison and Wilkins were identified by a Walmart Loss prevention officer, they were placed under arrest. Police then made contact with Sellers who said she was just driving the other two and that she didn’t steal anything. Police asked for consent to search the vehicle to which Sellers consented. After finding numerous items with tags on them police requested the vehicle be towed to State Polce Station to be secured. An application to search warrant will follow. At the station, Sellers, Wilkins and Mattison provided statements to police. Additional charges will follow after further investigation regarding crimes committed at Peeble’s and Tractor Supply. All three individuals were denied bail and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Dec. 18.

Dakota Joe McCrary, 23, of Blossburg was charged with terroristic threats, simple assault and harassment following a reported assault on Main Street in Blossburg Borough Dec. 8. When police arrived at the scene they talked with the victim, who said that he and McCrary had engaged in a verbal argument at a residence on Hannibal Street Blossburg, where the victim was helping his brother move out of the residence. Following the verbal altercation McCrary allegedly came into the victim’s residence and grabbed the victim by the shirt after being told to leave. McCrary then reportedly pulled a knife from his coat pocket and allegedly opened it up. Two witnesses alleged that McCrary opened the knife, though when he talked to police McCrary stated that he did not. After being taken to the ground McCrary was pushed out of the residence by the victim. McCrary was arraigned on Dec. 9 with straight bail set at $10,000 and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Dec. 18.

Rachel Shiann Traylor, 24, of Gandeeville W.V. was charged with two counts of DUI and careless driving following her arrest in Mansfield July 14. Police observed a GMC Terrain swerve abruptly onto the berm of the road. When police made contact with Traylor they observed that she was reportedly visibly upset and they also noted the strong odor of alcohol. After speaking with the Traylor police noticed she was unsteady. An HGN test was administered which showed numerous cues of impairment. Further field sobriety tests could not be performed due to the location. Traylor was placed under arrest and transported to Mansfield University where a breath test was administered. The result of the test was a BAC of .157%. A preliminary hearing is schedueld for Jan. 15.

Tyrina Shantel Coward, 34, of Mansfield was charged with retail theft in Mansfield Borough Sept. 24. On July 31, police observed Coward on a security camera recording enter CVS Pharmacy in Mansfield Borough and leave without paying for a box of Original Root Stimulator Olive Oil. An unsecure bail was set at $1,000. The preliminary hearing on Dec. 4 was waived. A formal hearing is schedueld for Jan. 13.

Angel M. Pierson, 31, of Elmira, N.Y. was with retail theft, criminal attempt and receiving stolen property following an investigation by a loss prevention officer for Walmart, in Mansfield on March 6. Pierson was allegedly observed stealing, a jacket/parka, a pre-paid cell phone, two bluetooth speakers, two BB guns and under-ringing a package of fruit cups. Pierson was arraigned and committed on Dec. 6. Bail was set at $15,000 with a preliminary hearing scheduled for Dec. 18.

Patrick Dennis McQuillen, 59, of Bigler, was charged with three counts of DUI and driving while operating privilege is suspended following a traffic stop on Route 15 in Mansfield, Dec. 13. Ronald Monroe Bean, 54, of Kylertown, a passenger in the vehicle was also charged with possession of a controlled substance. McQuillen was operating a 2009 Dodge Caliber, when police observed him braking erraticly and crossing the centerline of the roadway. Police then initiated a traffic stop. Upon making contact with McQuillen, police were informed Bean was suffering from a medical emergency. An ambulance was requested and police asked Bean for identification. Bean stated he had identification in a travel bag in the rear passenger compartment of the vehicle. When police attempted to locate Bean’s identification, suspected drug paraphernalia including glass vials coated with suspected methamphetamine residue were located in a side pouch of the bag. After police assisted the ambulance crew police returned to McQuellin. It was discovered that McQuellin’s operating license was under suspension and the vehicle’s registration plate was suspended. McQuelllin was later administered a field sobriety test that showed signs of impairment. A blood sample was also obtained. An unsecure bail was set at $2,500 and a preliminary hearing was schedueld for Dec. 18.