WELLSBORO — After months of discussion, Wellsboro will have a community garden.

Council approved a site on Meade Street for the 2019 community garden.

The garden is a project of Wellsboro United; spokesman Kevin Clark has been talking with council about finding a garden site since March. The garden would allow residents without space a place to grow fruits and vegetables and, at the same time, grow fresh produce for the Wellsboro Food Pantry.

At Monday’s meeting, Clark asked that council consider locating the garden in Packer Park. It would have access to water, be located across the street from the food pantry, have some fencing in place and be more protected from deer and bear.

Council stood firm on the Meade Street location.

“It’s the only place I could find in the borough that is satisfactory to have it in that location,” said councilman John Sticklin.

Councilman Lou Prevost said Wellsboro United should submit details about the proposed garden including size requirements, maintenance and a quantitative analysis. He said it is “common sense” to plan for the 2020 garden season at this time.

“We need a document to approve, not a verbal description,” said Prevost.

Council raised concerns about finding space at Packer Park, which has the swimming pool, playground, pavilion and courts for volleyball, basketball and tennis along with multiple community activities. However, they did leave the door open to considering a garden at Packer Park in the future if Wellsboro United can provide a plan.

Due to the late start this year, there will probably be no community gardeners, said Clark. All produce grown in the space will be donated to the food pantry. Several volunteers have started plants in pots, which will be transplanted immediately to the garden plot.

Clark also said that a $300,000 insurance policy to indemnify both the borough and Wellsboro United would cost about $100 per year.