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WELLSBORO — With 9,269 ballots cast in the Nov. 5 Municipal Election, voters chose Republicans Mark Hamilton and Erick Coolidge to return to the position of county commissioner.

Unofficially, Hamilton received 5,392 votes with Coolidge at 5,084.

“I have to thank the voters for their confidence in my leadership ability,” said Hamilton, whose voice was gravelly after a day at the polls. He said the vote reinforced his campaign pledge: Believe and achieve together.

“I had a great team for the campaign and I believe we will have a great team to serve the people for the next four years,” he said.

“I think this is a wonderful opportunity to accept the responsibility that has been entrusted by the people who are electing me to make decisions that are as far reaching as they can be for programs for funding and ultimately the future economics of the county,” said Coolidge, who was campaigning for his seventh term in office. “It’s almost unbelievable. I am extremely humbled and look forward to the opportunity to serve.”

The third position is up in the air until the return board meets this Friday, Nov. 8, to count write-in votes and finalize the election.

Incumbent Roger Bunn, a Republican, conducted a write-in campaign. There were 2,559 write-in votes submitted on the county’s new paper ballot system along with 281 absentee ballots returned. Bunn could have secured enough votes to defeat Democrats Carolyn J. Ruth at 1,959 and Ann Marie T. Nasek with 1,664.

Voter turnout saw 37.41% of the county’s 24,774 registered voters casting ballots.

In other county races, voters returned Krista L. Deats (Rep.) to district attorney with 7,719 votes and Jane E. Wetherbee (Rep.) to register and recorder with 8,174 votes.

For coroner, Republican James Daugherty unofficially won over Democrat Robert Gee, 6,522 to 2,482.

County auditor positions will go to Rebecca Burtch Briggs (Rep.), 6,111, Elizabeth T. Craig (Rep.), 5,823 and Christine Perry (Dem.), 2,602.

Tiffany Cummings appears to have secured the position of magisterial district judge with 2,412 votes.

County voters cast 5,654 votes in favor of the proposed constitutional amendment for crime victim rights with 2,395 opposed.

In the judicial race for Superior Court, county voters supported Republicans Megan McCarthy King, 6,124, and Christylee Peck, 5,728, over Democrats Amanda Green-Hawkins, 1,995, and Daniel D. McCaffery, 1,893. Statewide, McCaffery with 1,210,242 and King with 1,202,198 topped Green-Hawkins, 1,173,899, and Peck, 1,119,731.

County voters also mirrored the state, voting by nearly three-to-one margins to retain Anne E. Lazarus and Judy Olson in the Superior Court and P. Kevin Brogson and Patricia A. McCullough in the Commonwealth Court.

School districts

Northern Tioga

Region 1 (1 position) — Jolene Meisner (D/R), 912.

Region 2 (3 positions) — James R. Moyer (R) 525, James E. Neal (D/R) 430, Jean Kohut (D) 387), Tony P. Daley (D) 250.

Region 3 (1 position) — Edward E. Bonham (D/R), 934.

Southern Tioga

Region 1 (2 positions) — Chad Riley (R) 446, Barbara Kelly (D/R) 389, Sandra K. Olson (D) 307. Lycoming County voters will add 241 to Riley, 267 to Kelly and 71 to Olson.

Region 2 (1 position) — Ivan J. Erway (R) 1,131.

Region 3 (2 positions) — John R. Martin (D/R) 686, James A. Nobles (R) 590, Amy DeLozier (D) 345.

Wellsboro Area

Five positions — John T. Hoover (D/R) 2,100, Tracy Lynn Doughtie (D/R) 2,024, Lee Stocks Jr. (D/R) 1,914, write-ins 270. Lycoming County voters will add 78 to Hoover, 73 to Doughtie, 73 to Stocks and wrote in Linda West for 81 and LaRue Reese with 76.

Borough races

Blossburg: Council (3 positions) — Jill Nickerson (D/R) 226, Henry Bartlett (R) 215, Tonya G. McNamara (D) 203, Paul J. Hosszu (R) 144, Uni Hicks Lee (D) 117.

Elkland: Council (3 positions) — Wendy L. Graham (D/R) 188, Michael Hackett (R) 184, Aaron G. Smith (R) 180.

Knoxville: Council (4 positions) — Mike Ream (R) 109, Tom Baker (R) 105, James Tomb (R) 101, Joshua R. Gehman (R) 100.

Lawrenceville: Council (4 positions) — Michael J. Kirwin (D/R) 125, Gordon L. Chilson (D/R) 86, Mansel O’Dell (D) 83, Cleo L. Russell (D/R) 83, Kris S. Davis (R) 83, write-ins 136.

Liberty: Council (4 positions, 4-year term) — Staci Speary (R) 52, Ronald Reed (R) 45; (1, 2-year term) Robert W. Hopkins Jr. (R) 50.

Mansfield: Council (4 positions) — Robert D. Strohecker (R) 278, Robert P. Fitzgerald (R) 262, Kelvin Morgan (R) 256, David Brown (D) 240.

Roseville: Council (3 positions) — Joseph E. Pratt (R) 40, Donna M. Baker (R) 37, write-ins 13.

Tioga: Council (4 positions) — Marybess Hazlett (R) 77, write-ins 65.

Wellsboro: Council — Ward 1 (2 positions) Michael Wood (R) 279, Joan S. Hart (R) 273; Ward 2 (1 position) Louis Prevost (R) 372.

Westfield: Council (4 positions) Leland Joe Pond Sr. (R) 130, Edward J. Rodarmel (R) 119, Roxann Weidman (D) 103, write-ins 65.

Township supervisor

All races are for a one six-year position unless stated otherwise.

Bloss Twp. — Robert Harzinski, 62.

Brookfield Twp. — William J. Madison, 74.

Charleston Twp. — Roxanne L. Wilkinson, 719; 2-year term: Mark S. Starkweather 738.

Chatham Twp. — Martin A. Wood, 159.

Clymer Twp. — Philip Druck 95.

Covington Twp. — Stuart Lisowski, 224.

Deerfield Twp. — Douglas J. Pautz 119; 4-year term: Gene E. Shalters 101.

Delmar Twp. — Garry L. Clark 572, David Pettit 133; 2-year term: Ken VanSant 601.

Duncan Twp. — No candidates.

Elk Twp. — David A. Miller Jr. 16; 4-year term: Craig Unger 18; 2-year term: Lee W. Stover 18.

Farmington Twp. — John R. Bledsoe 144.

Gaines Twp. — Heidi Dingman 57, write-ins 108.

Hamilton Twp. — Carol Olson Jr. 80; 2-year term: Chad E. Roupp 82.

Jackson Twp. — Walter G. Barnes 309.

Lawrence Twp. — Dirk D’Haene 246.

Liberty Twp. — Ernest P. Norman 207.

Middlebury Twp. — Kyle Owlett 195.

Morris Twp. — Joseph T. Bohnert 110.

Nelson Twp. — David H. Fritz 80.

Osceola Twp. — Alan R. Goodrich Sr. 70.

Putnam Twp. — Michael D. Gerow 79.

Richmond Twp. — Steve Brewster 362, Charles L. Neal 198.

Rutland Twp. — Keith E. Robbins 177.

Shippen Twp. — Robert H. Confer 107.

Sullivan Twp. — Darren L. Bradford 324.

Tioga Twp. — Melvin Cummings 89.

Union Twp. — Bill Davy 99, Dennis Dibble 76.

Ward Twp. — Raymond Pwley 64.

Westfield Twp. — Elwyn B. Hess 113, Carl S. Burrous 102.

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