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WELLSBORO — High school principal Emily Ostrom-Graham will be leaving the school district here.

The board accepted Graham’s resignation at the Aug. 13 meeting. A final work date will be determined when Graham returns from maternity leave.

She is leaving to accept a position in a neighboring school district, said superintendent Dr. Brenda Freeman.

Transportation costs

The board unanimously voted down a quote for extra-curricular transportation. According to the board, members approved one-year extensions with Niles Transportation Inc. and Benedict’s Bus Service LLC at the June 11 meeting to cover negotiations for the next contract. The extension covers July 1 of this year to June 30, 2020.

Freeman said there is a question as to whether the extension includes extra-curricular transportation costs. If the extra-curricular costs are included in the extension, that contract would supersede Tuesday’s vote to approve the quotes.

Board members asked which extra-curricular activities could be impacted by this situation. Athletic director Ed Weaver said golf, girls’ tennis, football and soccer all have away matches and scrimmages scheduled before the board’s September meeting.

The board expressed the opinion before the vote that, since the transportation companies agreed to the extension, that former contract is fully in effect until new contracts are in place. Freeman said if the solicitor sends word that the extra-curricular transportation is not included in the extension, a special meeting will be scheduled.

Softball spring training

Softball coach Ron Brought answered questions about a proposed spring training trip to Florida in 2020. All activities will take place in Disney World and ESPN training facilities and is scheduled for March 11-15.

It would include 13 students and eight chaperones and be fully self-funded by students and/or their family.

All district rules and policies would apply to players, coaches and chaperones, said Brought.

Students would miss two days of school and time will be scheduled for studying and school work, he said.

Aides wanted

Freeman said the district is seeking people who are interested in giving back by educating children.

The board accepted the resignation of three part-time instructional aides Tuesday.

Some found full-time employment while others were returning to school.

Freeman believes there are older adults who would be willing to serve as “surrogate grandparents” to students, but might not know the opportunity exists.

“What better way to have someone in the classroom helping students than a grandmother or grandfather figure giving back to the community,” Freeman said.

“They may not realize there are openings and how valuable they are with their life lessons and experiences.”

For more information about the aide positions, contact the district at 570-724-4424.