gavel and sounding block on desk

The following individuals are scheduled for or have had hearings in front of District Judge James Carlson.

Makena Lyn Carleton, 1134 Stony Fork Road, Wellsboro, has been issued a summons and scheduled for a preliminary hearing on June 19 on charges of possession of a small amount of marijuana, two counts of driving under the influence, underage possession of alcohol and careless driving. She was charged on April 20 in Covington Township after police found her in the township where her boyfriend reportedly left her during an argument. She allegedly admitted to driving the vehicle and registered a .092 breath alcohol content.

Ronald Gene Atkinson II, 39, of 43 Main St., Blossburg, was arraigned on May 25, bail was set at $1,500 and a preliminary hearing scheduled for June 5. He was charged on May 24 in Hamilton Township with simple assault after allegedly striking a juvenile female in the face and shoving her.

Joelle L. Schanbacher, 38, of 286 Elmira St., Troy, was arraigned on May 26, committed to Tioga County Prison on $7,500 bail and had a preliminary hearing scheduled for June 5. She faces charges of simple assault, strangulation, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, harassment and creating a noise disturbance. Police said on May 26 at the Mansfield Inn, Schanbacher was involved in a domestic incident where she allegedly scratched and choked the male victim, refused to comply with police orders, kicked and struck the windows of the police vehicle and was loud and disorderly at the hospital where she was taken for an evaluation.