by Cheryl A. Clarke

BLOSSBURG – A new elementary school principal was welcomed to Southern Tioga School District at the Monday, Aug. 20 school board meeting.

The board voted unanimously to hire Andrew Freas as Assistant Principal at Warren L. Miller Elementary School and William Schlosser as assistant principal at North Penn-Mansfield High School.

Freas will be paid $75,000 annually plus benefits for a 220 days work year. Freas will also assume the role as myCyberCampus principal.

Schlosser will be paid $62,700 annually plus benefits for a 210 days work year.

Also employed were four teachers. They are:

• Emily Dincher as Speech Language Pathologist, effective Aug. 20. Dincher will be paid $49,303.20 annually plus a 10-day per diem daily rate of $265.07 ($2,650.70) for a total annual salary of $51,953.90 plus benefits according to the STEA Agreement.

• Rachel Smith as Gifted Teacher, effective Aug. 20. Smith will be paid $49,303.20 annually plus benefits according to the STEA Agreement.

• Sophia Biddle as English Teacher at NP-Liberty High School effective Aug. 20. Biddle will be paid $47,638.60 annually plus benefits according to the STEA Agreement.

• Sarah Simmons as Biology Teacher at NP-Mansfield High School, effective Aug. 20. Simmons will be paid $50,903.20 annually plus benefits according to the STEA Agreement.

District superintendent Sam Rotella reported that the district’s teachers and administrators are ready for the first day of school, Wednesday, Aug. 22.

“Last week started with new employee orientation, where new teachers met their mentors and it was extremely productive,” Rotella said.

Monday, Aug. 20 was an in-service day for teachers.

A second day of in-service was Tuesday, Aug. 21 and Wednesday “we start the school year.”

“Half the Kindergarten starts Monday and half on Tuesday, and then all Kindergarten starts on Friday,” he said.

There will be a bus driver meeting on Friday to discuss new cameras onboard the busses and discuss some of the behavior issues, Rotella added.

The board also approved hiring consultant Lindsey Shannon for three days of guided math tutoring sessions Oct. 8 - Oct. 10 for elementary school teachers.

“She is a coach and teacher in an Atlanta school district. She will spend three days here, part-time in the classroom and part-time coaching teachers and modeling lessons,” Rotella said.

The district will cover her daily fee for a total of $3,600 plus travel expenses.

“Guided math is hand in hand with what we’ve done in the writer’s workshop and English language arts,” Rotella added.

The board also approved an articulation agreement with State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology, Cobleskill, N.Y.

According to director of curriculum Jesse Maine, North Penn-Liberty High School’s agricultural program will be working with them.

“They reviewed our scope, equipment and sequence, and are offering three credit award for anyone that completes our career and technical education program,” he said. Though the program will be held at Liberty it is open to Mansfield students as well, with transportation provided by the district.

The next meeting of the board will be a work session on Tuesday, Sept. 4, at 6:30 p.m. at the administrative office building, Blossburg.