WELLSBORO — Led by the Wellsboro Police Department, the annual Pet Parade included 50 participants.

Organized by Verla Bryant, the 50 entries were judged by Kathy VanDergrift, Rachel Mertz, Danielle May, Linda Groga and Jane Shumway for categories of cats, dogs, miscellaneous pets and bicycles.

Overall Best in Parade went to a Michael, David and Josiah Seeling who brought in Blossom the pig, Champ the Dog and Donnie the donkey.

Dr. Kreger’s Special Award went to Emma Mosher and Peanut, a chihuahua/miniature Pomeranian cross.

The Wellsboro Band accompanied the pets and children, along with the Mountain Laurel Search & Rescue canine squad.

Category winners were:

Bikes — Prettiest, Carly Blackwell; Most Imaginative, Xander Dilly; Best in Parade, Megan Mosher.

Cats — Prettiest, Kaylee Bronson and Mason; Most Loveable — Madison Cruttenden and Shorty.

Dogs — Best Dressed, Breona and Joy Devaney with Scout; Prettiest, Neva Oldham and Scooter Pie; Most Imaginative, Vivian and Joanna Ritchey with Kya; Most Intelligent, Zoe and Paige Rush with Hemingway; Most Loveable, Zefla and Tully Mase with Minnie; and Best in Parade, Melyia and Olivia Bartlett and Barkley.

Miscellaneous Pets — Best Dressed, Logan and Layton Blackwell with horses Tessa and Duke; Prettiest, Grace Dilly and rabbit BunBun; Most Imaginative, Lena Rothermel with rabbits Bun, Rook and Thumper; Most Intelligent, Abby Gaverick with Marmalade the chicken; Most Loveable, Karen Blackwell with rabbit Hershey; and Best in Parade, Cohen and Liam Mosher with gerbils Thunder and Lightening.

Other entries included:

Dogs: Nolan Servatius and Marlo; Tucker Stratton and Duke; Joelle Wagner and Dewey; Grant Strange and Caboose; Alexandra Strange and Cici; Nevaeh Crawford and Tina Rose; Carmen Stephen and Sparky; Morgan and Alyssa Kurejewski with Paige; Derek Morral and Luna; Mallory Miller and Grimm; Arah Hand and Dobby; Paige Williams with Sadie; Courtney Clemens and Daffodil; Seth and Lucia Emery and Poundcake; Aaron Kinter with Lola.

Miscellaneous: Hunter and Coleman Clemens with guinea pigs Digger and Doser; Mason Bliss and Olivia and Emma Graham with ponies Popcorn and Shorty and cats Rodrick and Benji.