Real Estate Transfers

The information contained in this bulletin is taken from public records. While every precaution is observed, no responsibility is assumed for errors or omissions. The original public records are open to inspection, and should be consulted before taking any action based on the information contained herein. (Oct. 14-18)

Charleston Township

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Deanne DeLong & Mark Yeich conveys lot, $176,500.

Clymer Township

William Jr. & MaryFrances S. Dobron to Bonnie S. Troemel conveys lot, $105,000.

Deerfield Township

Appalachian Clean Energy, LLC to Craig Hornung conveys lot, $225,000.

Delmar Township

Colin T. & Kasia Janeski to Jared C. & Sara E. Nichols conveys lot, $145,000.

Elkland Borough

Carl Allan Morgan & Christina A. Flanagan to Maria Phelps conveys lot, $70,000.

Randall R. & Debra J. Seeley to Bill James Wilson conveys lot, $89,900.

Gaines Township

Kerry A. Miller & Carola A. Miller to Kerry A. Miller et al conveys lot, $50,000.

Joan K. Hess to David W. & Kathleen S. Martin conveys lot, $78,000.

Lawrence Township

Cora E. & Daniel W. Delsite to Daniel W. Delsite conveys lot, $1.

Liberty Township

Brion Family Real Estate Protector Trust by trustees to Shady Spring Park, LLC conveys lot, $1.

Middlebury Township

John B. & Deborah J. Kearse to Chrstina M. Butler conveys lot, $75,000.

Osceola Township

John J. & Daureen A. Corwin to Danielle & Jonathan L. Kipferl conveys lot, $1.

Nelson Township

Matthew J. & Janie L. Willis to Vickie L. Kamataris conveys lot, $75,000.

Shippen Township

Steven P. & Glenda R. McCarthy to Seth J. & Valery R. Weaver conveys lot, $340,000.

Michael G. Brown to Michael G. Brown et al conveys lot, $1.

James F. & Jennifer R. Stephens to Michael J. IV & Tracy Haraschak conveys lot, $225,000.

Sullivan & Charleston Townships

Charles H. Rockwell Estate by executor to Charles Douglas Rockwell; Stuard C. Rockwell & Sally Mercer (in trust) conveys mineral rights, $1.

Sullivan & Ward Townships

OGM Deed — Cherry Minerals, LLC to Cherry Energy Holdings, LLC et al conveys mineral rights, $10.

Tioga Borough

Alen Updyke to Danny Lee Chappell & Sally Ann DeMay conveys lot, $32,000.

Ward Township

Paul & Lisa Sleva to Dane Hardinger Jr. and Gloria Bambrick conveys lot, $15,000.

Wellsboro Borough

Victor P. & Mary E. Becker to Gary W. & Kelly L. Mitchell conveys lot, $340,000.

James M. Stewart to Laura & Christopher Kozuhowski conveys lot, $63,000.

Westfield Borough

Janet Flinn Estate by administrator to David & Mary Earle conveys lot, $65,000.

Darwin & Sandra Watkins to Watkins Irrevocable Residential & Income Trust conveys lots, $1.

Westfield Township

Gerald J. & Sonja L. Gagnon to Ashley McDonnell et al conveys lot, $94,000.