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The board of directors met its goal of hiring two assistant principals before the start of school in the Wellsboro Area School District.

The board unanimously approved the hire of Benjamin Miller as the assistant principal at the middle school and Jeremy Byrd as assistant principal/head of athletics at the high school at a special meeting Aug. 6. Both will receive a salary of $75,000. Byrd’s hire is pending completion of certification through the state Department of Education.

Earlier this year, the board had multiple discussions on the merits of hiring two assistant principals versus replacing the curriculum director position vacated by Michael Pietropola.

Four board members attended the work session and meeting: Wayne Hackett, LaRue Reese, David Messineo and Tracy Doughtie while a fifth, Chris Gastrock, called in. Sue Judlin, Matt Feil, John Hoover and Kacy Hagan did not attend.

In related actions, the board approved the revised job descriptions for both positions and eliminated the head teacher positions at the two schools.

Todd Outman, who is serving as high school head teacher and temporary middle school head teacher, is transferring to elementary physical education teacher. The board authorized Outman for extra duty assignments at the high school during principal Emily Ostrom-Graham’s maternity leave at $32/hour for up to 20 hours a week.

Ed Weaver will serve as the district’s athletic director for a stipend of $5,000 a year.

The board also approved the following personnel items for the Aug. 22 start of school:

  • Creating a STEM coach position at the Don Gill Elementary School to be funded with Title IV funding at a stipend of $15,000 per year.
  • Hiring Jamie Grill, middle school Math/English language arts teacher, $52,844; Jessica Palmer, elementary third grade teacher, $50,179; Sayward Mack, high school special education learning support teacher, $50,179; and Melissa Morral, middle school learning support teacher, $60,344.
  • Approving mentors Carla Starkweather for Jessica Palmer, Jill Gastrock for Sayward Mack and Sharon Mohr for Lenore Schmitt, high school social studies teacher.
  • Transferring Nathan Babcock from elementary physical education teacher to high school social studies teacher pending completion of emergency certification requirements.
  • Transferring Brenda Perry from middle school special education life skills instructional aide to the same position at the Don Gill Elementary School. Both positions are the same hours and pay rate.