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WELLSBORO — Teachers, principals and administrators at the school district here are outlining goals to improve education for students.

Principals outlined several of the goals at the Oct. 8 board meeting, along with some details on how the schools plan to achieve them.

Elementary principal Steve Adams said each grade level, kindergarten through fourth grade, developed three goals for consideration. The faculty as a whole then reviewed the suggestions and decided on three:

  • Create and establish an elementary student assistance program team. The team has received training, is holding weekly meetings and will soon attending SAP team meetings at the district’s other buildings, he said.
  • Develop a monthly character education program. A theme will be selected each month; October’s theme is “good manners.” Each week, teachers will reward students who are using that character with a certificate. Skits and discussions will be used to teach the theme.
  • Use data from tests and assessments to drive instruction and lesson planning. Teachers will look at multiple sources and gear lessons to teach objectives in the curriculum.

Middle school principal Rob Kreger said the building goals are:

  • Increase student achievement as measured by the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment results.
  • Enhance the overall school climate. The school did an end-of-the-year survey in 2018-19 where students were asked to rate different items such as how much they like school, how much the teacher’s care, their interaction with friends and more. That information will help the faculty target approaches to enhance the climate and students will be resurveyed at the end of this year.
  • Use data to drive instruction. Using information from different reporting systems, the school will target “learning holes” of students.

At the high school, assistant principal Jeremy Byrd said the goals are to:

  • Improve school attendance. In the 2018-19 school year, the district had 95.4% attendance, and will work to improve on that.
  • Provide a mental health program to students on Act 80 days, which have an early dismissal. The presentation today, Oct. 10, is about being the new person in a school and how to adapt and make friends. Byrd, who was hired this year, will be one of the presenters at the four stations each student will visit.
  • Improve student achievement in the Keystone exams. The district is tracking the students who are underperforming and identifying strategies to help them improve.

In action items, the board:

  • Approved tenure for Sarrah Tinney, elementary school nurse; Molly Cary, elementary teacher; and Jill Yusinski, speech and language impaired teacher.
  • Accepted the resignation of business manager Bonnie Thompson effective Dec. 9.