Cat Project thanks supporters

We’re celebrating three months since the official incorporation of the Tioga County Cat Project. It’s certainly been a whirlwind and we’d like to thank all residents and municipality officials we’ve worked with in that time. Thank you for your support, your patience and your donations to help make this venture a success.

We started TCCP in April of this year after our founder, Laura Clarson, organized informal TNR (trap, neuter/spay, return) efforts in Elkland and Mansfield in 2019. More than 200 cats have been fixed from those areas and stray/feral cat populations are holding steady or starting to decrease. After the success of those projects, a county-wide effort was the obvious next step.

In the past three months, we’ve continued fixing cats from all across the county. We also organized our board of directors, applied for our 501c3 status as an official tax-exempt nonprofit (coming soon), attended various borough council meetings, created a Facebook page, received a beautiful new logo, built a nifty website (, designed and sold T-shirts, developed informational materials and literature, and raised thousands of dollars for the cause. Starting a nonprofit is tough, time-consuming and expensive. We’re exhausted, but excited.

Also in that time, we’ve received inquiries from more than 100 people who need help fixing cats. That in itself proves the need for this organization.

If you’ve contacted us over the past few months and haven’t heard back, rest assured we haven’t forgotten about you. We get limited dates and spots at low-cost clinics and only when we have the donations to pay for the surgeries.

If you have cats who need to be fixed, whether ferals or pets, fill out the “Report Cats” form at or message us at

We can’t keep doing this without you. Please consider donating – whether monetarily or supplies like humane traps or carriers. Make checks out to Tioga County Cat Project and mail to PO Box 160, Elkland, PA 16920. Donate on PayPal: (note no “t” after project), or shop our new online store:

Thank you again for your continued support – from our board, and all cats past and present helped by the Tioga County Cat Project.

Laura Clarson

President, TCCP

Kelly Stemcosky

Vice President, TCCP

‘Silent Majority’ needs to take stand

The chaos and destruction happening in American cities is a travesty that must be dealt with. In the name of BLM, “peaceful protesters” are killing people, injuring others and tearing apart businesses as well as public property, and spreading COVID-19.

Yes, black lives matter, but so do everyone else’s lives. We as Americans have the right to peacefully assemble and protest what we believe to be wrong, but these law-breaking anarchists want to destroy everything and everyone who they deem to be “racist.”

According to the book “White Fragility,” by Robin DiAngelo, if you are white you are automatically “racist.” If you were born Caucasian, you are automatically racist because, according to DiAngelo, racism is genetically passed down from generaåtion to generation.

Then there is the (in)famous Nick Cannon, who stated in a recent podcast interview that the more melanin you have in your skin, the more “human” you are, and white people are more like animals than blacks, who have more humanity and “compassion” in them than us “beastly” white folks.

When are we going to take a stand? I support our law enforcement, who put their lives on the line every day to protect the peace-loving Americans who make up the “silent majority” of this country, meaning all races, not just whites.

There are many law-abiding Americans who know that what is happening is a Marxist attempt to take over the government with help from the left and their propaganda machine, the mainstream news media. Yes, what happened to George Floyd was so wrong, but to condemn every single cop for the actions of a few “bad apples” is just as wrong, and to condemn all white people for the racists highlighted in the nightly news, is just as wrong.

When did we lose our country to this insanity? The “cancel culture” is a small, vocal minority of people who want to destroy the history of this nation. Many Americans do not feel that the names of football teams need to be changed or statues of historical figures need to be torn down because they are deemed by the few to be “racist.”

I for one, am sick of it and am not ashamed to say it. I am just one citizen with one vote, but I can see as clearly as the rest of the country what is really happening here, and it will only get worse if Joe Biden gets elected.

Cheryl A. Clarke


Contradictory information given on BLM goals

Since there has been a lot of controversy about the Black Lives Matter protests in your newspaper, I think it would be helpful to your readers to report the goals of the Black Lives Matter Global Network. Most people know that the organization is against police brutality and excessive force, but copying directly from their Black Lives Matter website would educate your readers with the facts. I think that as with all movements, we need the complete view of what they stand for. Presently, contradictory information is being shared by various news outlets. Thank you for considering this suggestion.

Debbie Dalton


Enough is enough

It seems like every time We The People make a move to take back our country, the professional politicians don’t like it. Donald Trump was not elected by a political party. He was elected by We The People. That really ticked them off.

So they tried to impeach him wasting our money. I heard one of them say they could not trust the American voters to elect the correct person to be president. That is arrogance.

And now they are using the worst pandemic the world has ever seen to get themselves elected.

Professional politicians want to rule us again. Our forefathers and mothers fought and died so they were not ruled by royalty. These professional politicians think they are royalty. They are so far out of touch with the working people, they have no idea what we do for our country.

These professional politicians have forgotten who they work for; it is We The People. They are not royalty and do not rule us. Nancy Pelosi is not a queen.

I for one will not be ruled by anything or anyone. Enough is enough.

We The People have to take back our country from those arrogant professional politicians.

Michael J. English


Fire victims thank community

We wish to thank all the local fire departments for responding to my house fire on July 14. We as a small community are very fortunate to have fire departments that respond so quickly and do such a good job. We need to fully support all our local volunteer fire departments and emergency responders.Thank you again.

Tom and Matt Hazelton