Kevin Clark

Kevin Clark, of Wellsboro, organized a small group of concerned residents to protest any war with Iran. The group stood at the intersection of Main Street and Central Ave. for an hour and a half on Thursday, Jan. 6.

WELLSBORO — A few people gathered at the intersection of Main Street and Central Avenue to protest any war with Iran late in the afternoon of Thursday, Jan. 6.

Kevin Clark, of Wellsboro, organized a group of concerned residents and said it was part of a national movement happening on that day and he wanted to have a presence in Tioga County. Though the group was small — three people at the time of the interview — they were proud to be protesting.

“It didn’t matter that we’re small in number, because I think there’s a lot of people that share the sentiment that war is never the answer. There’s rarely a justification for war,” Clark said. He said war costs money and innocent lives are lost.

“...If you follow the money, this is all about oil,” Clark said. “That should not be a surprise. Sure, there have been terrorist acts and there have been missiles fired and ships impeded in international waters by Iraqi forces, but the thing of it is, there’s terrorism in every country, including this one.”

Clark said the United States doesn’t talk about domestic terrorism enough and looks elsewhere to put the blame.

The other two people who were protesting, who wanted to remain anonymous for their personal safety, agreed with Clark.

“This whole conflict in the middle east started before I was even born. Why do we need to escalate it now? There’s no sense in it to me,” a recent graduate of Wellsboro said at the protest.

The other recent Wellsboro graduate at the protest said she didn’t think the war was about the American people, but rather about oil.

“This is a rich man’s war but the civilians are being sent over to fight for something that’s not even ours. There’s no point in continuing it,” she said.

Clark said they had a few friendly waves, but also some aggressive taunts from those passing by. But that’s good, he said, as people are exercising their freedom of speech.