Talon D'Angelo leads the way

Talon D’Angelo (117) set the pace for the other runners from the start. D’Angelo led the entire race and was the first overall finisher as well as the youngest.

As part of the July 4, festivities at Smythe Park in Mansfield the YMCA hosted a 5K run that took runners around the high school and park. Melissa Sentiff said, “We actually reestablished the route this year. It was on a gravel road and it was curvy and hilly so we rerouted it to this basic route throughout the community. We advised everybody to watch for traffic and we put spotters on each corner to try to remind people driving to slow down.”

It was a perfect summer morning as the runners set forth from the start line near the pavilion in Smythe Park.

The results for the race are listed below.

15 & Under

Talon D’Angelo

26 – 35

Chelsie Martin Heather Hurlburt

36 – 45

Lee Meyers Valerie Huck Sheila Holleran

46 – 55

Shennee Rutt

56 +

Susan Pratt Paula Cummings