Two new Tioga County game wardens were welcomed at a luncheon hosted by Rep. Clint Owlett’s office at the National Guard Readiness Center Friday, March 1.

Tom Nelson and Michael Smith were welcomed by Game Commission law enforcement supervisor for the northeast region Rick Macklen, members of law enforcement, DCNR staff and Tioga County magisterial judges James Edgcomb, James Carlson and Rob Repard.

Also in attendance was county district attorney Krista Deats and deputy district attorney Tiffany Cummings, as well as retired prison warden Mike Youmans and all three county commissioners.

The two men will join game warden Rob Minnich who has been handling Tioga County alone for 18 months since his partner Rodney Mee transferred to Lycoming County as a supervisor.

Mark Fair, Potter County game warden, who also works alone, also was in attendance.

“We appreciate what the commission has done in giving us two new game wardens,” Owlett said. “We did this to make you guys feel welcome and part of the family.”

Commissioner Erick Coolidge said that because this is a rural area, “it’s tough to cover that whole district. What you have as access to resources, helps you do what you do. It’s what we do working together without worrying about stepping on toes.”