Wellsboro School District announced earlier this week the students of the month for the elementary, middle and high school students for the month of Dec.

Sienna Simmons is a third grader in Mr. Sean Callahan’s room at the Wellsboro elementary school. She has acquired over 60 AR points for the marking period, gets her homework done in a timely manner, is respectful and helpful towards others, and puts her best effort into classwork and homework. Simmons participates on a daily basis and is engaged in her learning.

Gabe Carpenter has an enthusiasm for learning, and is always well-prepared, and performs at a high level in all of his academic classes. Carpenter is also respectful to his teachers and classmates at all times. In addition to the regular classroom, Carpenter participates in a number of other activities. He is in enrichment, where he is able to demonstrate his creative abilities, He takes part in the Computer Fair, and he took home a first place finish in the state in last year’s competition. He also has joined our “What’s so Cool about Manufacturing” team and will be a key member of the group this year as they plan and coordinate their latest projects. Gabe participates in his classes and currently carriers an overall GPA of 100% for his seventh grade year.

Seraina Weatherford was named the Wellsboro high school student of the month. Weatherford is a senior at the Wellsboro high school. She has only attended the high school for a shot time, but in that time she has made a huge impact on the school. She is always willing to help others. She sees things that need done and does them without being asked. Weatherford excels in the classroom and is always doing something amazing. Seraina is a tutor for the students in the high school and since she likes all subjects, she get asked to help out a lot.

Weatherford has brought great ideas and suggestions to our school to enhance it and provide oppurtunities for students. “Students like Seraina makes being a teacher a rewarding job”, said the nominating teacher.