Dennis L. Guffey will be the first to tell you if you refer to him as a doctor - he’s not - he is “board certified in hearing instrument sciences.”

Guffey opened a hearing office in Wellsboro, at 5 East Ave., Suite 107 in August. The office entrance is located in the Tops plaza, not the East Avenue side, if you want to make an appointment for a free consultation.

Guffey already has an office in Mansfield, which he opened on South Main Street in 2015 and an office in Bloomsburg, which he opened last year.

Guffey said that though his business is not a non-profit, it is “run like one.”

“Hearing instruments have gotten unaffordable for so many people,” Guffey said.

The Signia instruments, considered the best hearing aids on the market, can run up to $10,000 for a set of two at other offices.

On average, the same quality hearing aids at his office cost between $3,000 and $6,000 for the pair, with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. The consultation, exam, and all after care are free for life. The only thing you ever pay for is the initial purchase of hearing aids.

The cost typically is not covered by Medicare, but sometimes a portion of it is, depending on if patients have an Advantage plan or original Medicare.

Guffey offers financing to patients with payments up to five years and very low interest rates to make them as affordable as possible.

To begin, Guffey gets the patient’s background and medical history.

“Getting to know our patients lives and what they like to do is a big part of our business. It’s how we know how to best help them with their hearing loss” he said.

Then he does an exam of the inner ear and a hearing test in a special soundproof booth using high tech testing equipment. This doesn’t include headphones, but rather an ear insert that sits inside the ear canal near the ear drum.

“This testing gives us the most accurate hearing test available so we can better assist our patients and program their hearing instruments specifically for their needs and hearing loss.”

Different frequencies reveal the threshold at which patients can hear and when hearing is lost.

Hearing aids today offer technology to help with volume control, background noise and can even stream TV or music right to your aids.

Guffey offers office hours in Wellsboro on Thursday and Friday, and in Mansfield on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesdays are flexible.

“We can even do home visits,” he added.

Guffey can be reached in Wellsboro at 570-723-0977 or 570-723-0978 or in Mansfield at 570-513-7077 or 570-513-7074.