The September meeting of the Susquehannock Trail Club, held at the Lyman Lake pavilion, went very well with 26 members attending. Held at noon on Sept. 12, it was again picnic style, with hot dogs and sloppy joe makings supplied by club members, as were enough side dishes to completely fill the outdoor buffet. After the dinner, the business meeting was presided over by President Wanda Shirk, and we had a great many things to discuss.

At this time I’d like to get us caught up on recent circuit hikers, those who have completed the entire 84 miles. These were numbers 1203 through 1226: Kirstin Dorshimer, Dan Dorshimer, Nate Youse, Mike Weaver, Mike Woloszanski, Kevin Hendricks, Kim Hendricks, Patty Troutman, Richard Troutman, Susie Gribble, Bill DeStefano, Chris Anderson, Christopher Magner, Kristin Joivell, Michael Howe, Brett Gemzik, David Tosten, Henk Humes, James Decker, Lisa Myers, Todd Dishong, Todd Yarnell, Lee Strapello, and Bob Rogers. Congratulations to all.

Also, we are pleased to welcome six new members to the trail club: Tesha Wheeler, Lancaster; Jennifer and Kenneth Baker, New Cumberland; Sheryl and Kenneth Hoffman, Coudersport; Salvatore Fulginiti, Mechanicsburg.

High on our agenda was the improvement of a section of the Hogback Trail. Hikers will now find a greatly improved stretch that is mowed and cleared, and soon to be reblazed. Another stretch right up there is a stretch of the Twin Sister’s / Hammersley Trail, which is on track for improvement on Sept. 25-26.

At that time the laurel will be chopped back from the trail, and a stretch of “slab trail” will be leveled. Many of these footpaths were dug by CCC boys around 80 years ago, and were about a pick-handle wide.

Now, as some sidehills have a way or rearranging themselves over the years, they are about a foot wide, or less. This makes for uncomfortable sidehill hiking, resulting sometimes in lame ankles and sore toes, so it’s nice to re-level these spots.

This meeting may be our last for this year, as the remaining ones would necessarily be indoors, and we’re not comfortable with that at this time. As with all of mankind, we are anxiously awaiting the vaccines and treatment of the virus. In the meantime we are being urged to use the masks, distancing and sanitizing to be reasonably safe. Our club activities and trail care will continue however, and we can opt to have “executive” meetings if necessary to keep the members and public informed.

In attendance were: Wanda Shirk John Zimmer, Bill Morey, Tom and Jayne Fitzgerald, Larry Holtzapple, Doug and Jane Wetherbee, Susie Gribble, Mark Clark, Curt and Penny Weinhold, John and Jan Halter, Pat Childs, Wayne Baumann, Buzz Russell, Gary Russell, Beth Lounsbury, Joe and Barb Allis, Dave and Roxanne McMillan, Helen Bernhardy, June Caldwell, Bill Boyd.

Bill Boyd is a member of the Susquehannock Trail Club. He can be reached at

Bill Boyd is a member of the Susquehannock Trail Club. He can be reached at