Students may wonder why an education is necessary. Examples of Bill Gates or other mega-company CEOs dropping out of college are used to support the fact that a good education is not necessary. Hold onto that thought for a second.

Mankind has lived through the Labor Age, the Agricultural Age, and the Industrial Age. In my mind (and according to some historians), we are currently in the Information Age or the Technology Age. Information, and to a degree and technology, is vital to society today; I hold that information is crucial to individual success today.

While information and knowledge are not the same, they are certainly related. And, the gaining of knowledge is a basic part of a good education; or, perhaps I can say it this way: a purpose of a good education is to gain knowledge.

Before I get back to the opening statement, I want to challenge you with a couple quotes on knowledge.

“I know that I know nothing.” Plate

“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” Aristotle

“The more I know, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” Albert Einstien

“The more I know, the more I realize I know nothing.” Socrates

“True wisdom is knowing what you don’t know.” Confucius

The key part to these quotes is that some pretty intelligent men are aware of how little they know. This, I believe, drove them to learn more. Yet, in reality, I know even less than these men.

So, why is a good education necessary? It is one thing to not know something. It is another thing to realize that there is much that we don’t know. The young person who isn’t interested in a good education not only doesn’t know, but he doesn’t know that he doesn’t know.

Again, my friends, as an American, I am blessed. . . and you are, too. May God bless America, and may Americans always bless God! Thank you for your prayers and support.

Lt. Col. Alan R. Goodrich is a retired Amy Lieutenant Colonel residing in Osceola. Contact him at