Life is not all fun and games. Today’s column has nothing to do with hiking.

We plan our lives to eliminate pain and suffering by substituting the bad with the good. Those good times are memorable, but so are events that test our fortitude, and, yes, sometimes our faith.

In my lifetime I’ve had many close friends. Most of those friends are still part of my life.

Sometimes neighbors are not the best of friends. We’ve had good ones and some not so good. Our current neighbors are the best. Vernon and Mabel Miller, just across the street from us, have been the practically perfect template of what a neighbor should be. In the three years we’ve know them we’ve grown to love them.

Last week Vern came over while I was working in the garden to inform me that he and Mabel would be leaving on vacation for a few days and ask if I would kinda keep an eye on their place. A motorcycle trip down south was their way of getting there, and they were excited about the trip.

Unfortunately, on the way they had an accident and were hit by a drunk driver. Vern was severely injured, in a coma for a while, and passed away from his injuries. At this writing, Mabel has been discharged from the hospital and is on her way home. Please pray for two things: comfort for her loss and complete healing for her injuries.

Daryl Warren has been a serious hiker for many years.