Boy, talk about nostalgia — here’s part of an article from 2006:

Twenty-nine members and guests attended the monthly meeting of the STC, at Saulter Park, on Saturday, Aug. 26. After a dish-to-pass dinner at 6 p.m., president Wil Ahn conducted the business meeting.

Dave Barsky, Bloomsburg, was accepted into the club as a new member.

As has been mentioned before, the Potter County Trailblazers youth group helps out each year with trail maintenance on the STS and other state forest trails. This season they did a considerable amount of work on the section from the trailhead on Denton Hill to south of Patterson State Park. Photos of some of their work were passed around. Each section of the STS has volunteer trail maintainers, but this extra help goes a long way toward keeping the trail in good condition.

Wanda Shirk gave an interesting account of the recent canoe trip she and her husband George Petrisek took to Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada, about a nine-hour trip north of Potter County. The park lies mostly north of Route 60, a vast area accessible only on foot or by canoe. The couple paddled through at least five lakes, some river sections and carried their gear over about six portages, eventually arriving at Shoal Lake, a trip of nine hours. The portages were about a quarter of a mile in length, and as George pointed out, “On the water the canoe carries you, on land you carry the canoe.”

Camping on Shoal Lake for five nights, they were entertained by the loons and herons. There is something magical about the loon’s cry (or laughter, depending on how you perceive it) on these remote northern lakes, especially at night. Wanda, who had never fished before, gave it a try, and caught a bass on her very first cast.

Of course, George said it was too small and they had to put it back.

Those attending the meeting were: Wil and Betty Ahn, Ulysses; Bob and Helen Bernhardy, Wellsboro; Wanda Shirk and George Petrisek, Gold; Tom and Debbie Janci, Clara; Jim and Dottie Quimby, Gaines; Bill Morey, Galeton; Beth Shall, Oswayo; Wayne Baumann, Donna Batterson, Ed and Hazel Bez, Chick and Maryann Hutwagner, Art and Robin Huber, and Bill Boyd, Coudersport.

This was back in the days when our members would lead from 10 to 15 hikes during the spring, summer and fall.

We’ve pretty much gotten away from leading hikes and more into trail care. But, we have good guide books and maps so that those who wish to hike should have no problems in finding their way around the STS, the crossover trails and many others in the state forest.

Sadly, over the years we have lost many members, who have gone down that last, long trail, and we miss them, one and all. Some of us are heading for our annual Camporee at Ole Bull State Park this weekend, Aug. 6-7-8, as I write this column. I hope to give a report on that next week.

Bill Boyd is a member of the Susquehannock Trail Club. He can be reached at