For many people, it is a simple routine: wake up, go to work, come home. For the most part, these different aspects of our lives do not tend to cross. We keep our work life in the office or classroom and our personal lives at home with our families.

However, does it have to be this way? Or is there some room to overlap the two, at least every once in a while?

For Bonnie Terry, director of employee relations in the Human Resources Department and a member of the MCESC Wellness Committee, there is most certainly room for these two lives of ours to cross paths.

Terry, along with the Wellness Committee, is gearing up to host their district’s first ever “Family Fun Night.”

The event will be held May 8. All staff members and their families are invited to come together for a night of fun.

“It’s something that I mentioned several years ago,” Terry says. “And now the time is right. The time has come for us to get out there and have some fun.”

Terry and the committee are planning kid-friendly activities such as face painting, bounce houses, bumper cars and an obstacle course, to name a few. They will also provide hamburgers, hot dogs and popsicles.

However, Terry, and the district as a whole, have gone beyond these basics.

“Every other week someone is calling and asking what they can do,” Terry says, explaining that many talented staff members have offered up their services to make this Family Fun Night even more special.

As such, several artists, musicians and DJs within the district will all be showcasing their skills. According to Terry, there are also many bakers who will be dishing up their tasty treats, which will allow for the event to include a cake walk. To add even more, Terry says that there are staff members with popcorn and baby food businesses who will provide their products free of charge.

Overall, Terry is excited to give staff members and their families a chance to mingle and get to know a little more about each other.

“We work hard together, so we should be able to have a little fun together,” she says.

Beyond the fun, however, Terry also sees this event as a way to show appreciation for the staff members.

“We serve so that students can be successful,” Terry explains. “That means we have to take on some pretty heavy challenges ourselves.”

It is important for Terry and other administrators to show employees their efforts aren’t going unnoticed, and that it is OK to put themselves first in order to perform their duties properly.

“Those who serve have a tendency to put themselves on the back burner,” Terry explains. “Our Governing Board, Superintendent and Administrative Team want to remind our staff that we cannot be good to others unless we are good to ourselves — that is mind, body and soul.”

Terry also hopes to show staff that their monetary efforts are also reverted back to benefits for them.

“Our staff has participated in the Educational Purchasing Council Wellness Program,” Terry explains.

With this program, employees can participate in certain wellness activities that earn them points, which then translate into money the employees earn.

“Overall employee participation earns wellness dollars for the MCESC, which allows us to do fun things with our employees,” Terry says, and mentions the Fall Walk, Caroling Walk and guest speaker events.

“I believe that this event will help us communicate to our staff that they are valued and appreciated,” Terry says.