The Partners In Progress janitorial division is offering a new disinfectant to its customers and also in its retail outlet.

Corey Johnson, the administrator of the janitorial program, said PIP has been using GenEon in its client’s facilities for the past few months.

GenEon is a hospital-grade, non-toxic disinfectant that contains no chemicals. It’s mainly water with electrolytes — minerals and salt. Electricity is passed through the solution, charging the electrolytes to kill germs within 30 seconds, said Johnson. It has been shown to be effective against MRSA, e coli, salmonella, influenza and more.

Cleaning crews have been using the product in the agency’s 38 commercial clients. It emits a fine mist over a large area in a minimal amount of time, Johnson said. The cleaning crew then wipes down metal services.

GenEon is also used in the PIP work site in Mansfield, where surfaces are sprayed daily, in the group home and at My Neighbor’s Closet.

“In the last month, we’ve decided to branch out into the residential area,” Johnson said.

The mist does not harm electronics and is safe for pets. The crew has masks and gloves available to use and typically cleans at night, after the business is closed.

Bottles of the charged GenEon disinfectant are available for purchase at My Neighbor’s Closet in Mansfield.

For more information, contact Johnson at 570-662-1876 or at