Community Media Group is here for you during these uncertain times as we have been for many generations.

We are your neighbors and friends, and we have all been through many high and lows.

The strength of our communities flow through each of us individually, and we are asking you to be the one who brings happiness to others.

Be the one who shines in the darkness.

Be the one who brings a smile back to someone’s face.

Be the one who shares inspiration in hopes of uplifting a neighbor.

— From Community Media Group’s Be the One video

You may not be all that familiar with Community Media Group, but you are certainly familiar with at least one of the newspapers in the Community Media Group family — namely this one.

Community Media Group newspapers serve hundreds of communities in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York, and over the last few weeks we’ve seen heroes in every single one of them. The bravery and selflessness of our health care providers, emergency personnel, grocery store employees and so many others has been nothing short of astonishing. We will continue to tell their stories and bring our readers the important local information they need each and every day, both in our printed products and through our websites.

There’s another sort of outstanding person emerging these days too, and that’s who our Be the One project is all about.

I’m talking about the people who have been inspiring us to stay active, healthy and positive throughout all of this. They’re the ones who have been putting smiles on our faces and making us laugh during these dark and scary days.

With that in mind, we’re challenging the readers of all Community Media Group newspapers to participate in our Be the One project by visiting one of the pages below and uploading a video, photo or story that you think might put a smile on someone’s face and help them stay positive.

Maybe it’s something extraordinary, like a video of a long parade of cars for a kid who can’t have a birthday party.

Maybe it’s something clever, like a well-edited video making the rounds in upstate New York of the Canandaigua Academy softball team playing catch with each other — virtually.

Maybe it’s something entertaining, like a granddad playing the banjo, a dad trying to moonwalk or a full-fledged family dance routine.

Maybe it’s something inspiring, like a video of a nature walk or exercise routine to get people off the couch.

Or maybe it’s something super simple but touching, like photos of chalk drawings from kids that might lift someone’s spirits.

Show us how you’re passing the time. Show us how you’re reaching out while still staying apart. Show us the best of the communities we serve.

How you take up this challenge is really up to you. Just remember the goals — inspire, uplift and make someone smile.

So please, share your story. Spread the joy. And be the one.