Stacey's Benefit

From left to right, Hailey Watson, Stacey Morehouse, Kelly Smith and Corryne Beard stand. Kohen Smith is in the front. All come together to support Stacey for the benefit.

Friends and family came together to hold a benefit for Stacey Morehouse, who is undergoing treatments for grade three breast cancer. Money that is raised will help support Morehouse with upcoming needs.

One night in early July, during work as a nurse educator at Three Rivers, Morehouse was kicked by a patient. This left bruising and pain. When she went to the emergency room and underwent X-rays and testing. The results showed that she had a lump in her breast and it turned out to be triple negative, grade three breast cancer.

Treatment was needed quickly, as this cancer is the most aggressive form, Morehouse said. She is in the process of getting chemotherapy treatments and there will be more in the upcoming months. Toward the end of the year, she will need to get a mastectomy and hysterectomy completed. Morehouse plans to keep working as long as she can, even through chemotherapy treatments.

“I have good days and bad days, but my work is amazing. I couldn’t work for a more supportive company like they are. So, I am trying to work through all the chemo and then just be out for surgery, which will probably be at least eight weeks,” Morehouse said.

Kelly Smith, Lacey Bonham and Rachel Clark set up the benefit for Morehouse on Saturday, Sept. 19 at the Durk Sherman Memorial Complex in Elkland. The benefit brought in $10,000 that will be able to help with Morehouse’s future needs and procedures.

“Stacey didn’t want us to do anything, but she is a single mom of three. So we’re going to do something. We are just doing what we can,” said Smith, Morehouse’s sister-in-law.

People went to the benefit with excitement to support their local friend who was born and raised in Elkland. If anyone wants to continue helping Morehouse, they can contact Smith, Bonham, Clark or Morehouse, who can be found on Facebook.

“We appreciate everybody’s help and what they have done for us. We’ve had a great response and Stacey is a great person, so she deserves it,” said Smith.

Morehouse responds to the benefit by saying, “It is such a small town that we are just really close knit. You know everybody, so when one person is affected, the whole town is affected and it is really great to see everybody come out.”

Being part of the community all her life, Morehouse feels the support from those around her. Friends and family have gone out of their way to help her and people in the community has made time to help her in raising the money she will need these upcoming months. She feels really thankful for everyone being there for her.

“It is humbling to feel like I matter. It is really nice to see other people and it is nice to know that I mean something in some way,” Morehouse said.