Alli Macensky receives Tioga Publishing Girls Defensive Player of the Year

Andy Macensky (left) stands with his daughter/player Alli Macensky (right) as she receives the Tioga Publishing Defensive Player of the Year award for her season with the Galeton Lady Tigers basketball team.

Tioga Publishing Defensive Player of the Year

Girls Basketball

Alli Macensky

Stats: 7.7 ppg/ 7.7 rpg/ 3.8 bpg/ 0.9 spg/ 0.5 apg

Alli Macensky was a force on the defensive end of the floor in the 2019-2020 basketball season where she averaged 7.7 rebounds per contest to go along with a jaw-dropping 3.8 blocks per game.

“I’m very proud to receive this award because I’m a freshman and I didn’t think I would get this one,” Macensky said in regards to receiving the Tioga Publishing Defensive Player Award.

As only a freshman, Macensky should continue to be one of the most polarizing players to watch next season and is focused on improving her game coming into next season.

“I’m going to be a lot more aggressive and shoot more,” Macensky said.

On the defensive end of the floor, Macensky uses a focused approach to the game and keys in on what players are trying to do and no area player does it better than her.

“I just watch the ball and try and watch it bounce off the rim and grab it,” Macenksy said. “I watch where they’re holding the ball and just put my hand in front of it for the block.”

Macensky was a block-machine this season and for her nothing beats the excitement of sending one back during a game. “I just get very happy and excited,” Macensky said about how it feels to get ahold of an opponent’s shot and send it back.