TIOGA — A morning bike ride brought community residents out to help a friend.

Tiffany Hazlett, who was born and raised in Tioga, is struggling financially after sustaining injuries in a motorcycle accident on June 10. To help with the living and medical expenses, the Iron Reign Riders and Jason’s Pub stepped up.

The Iron Reign Riders organized a bike ride, Jason’s Pub donated food for the event and an auction with prizes to win. All of this and lot of behind-the-scene workers made the event possible on Aug. 8.

Hazlett and a couple of friends were riding around the Hills Creek area when the accident left her with injuries to her femur and hip. A medical helicopter flew her to a trauma hospital for surgery. She is expected to be out of work for another three months.

“There is a lot of people out there that care about you a lot more than you think,” said Hazlett. “Unfortunately, it takes things like this to see that.”

Hazlett thanked her supporters, adding, “I want to send a huge thank you out to the Iron Reign Riders motorcycle club for everything they have done. Adam Gee and his girlfriend Meghan has been a big part of it and it has been phenomenal.”

Hazlett shares that this was Meghan’s first ride and she wanted to give a huge shout out to her for coming out and helping.

“It’s important, I believe, to get everybody together and show support for one another. People like to help out and it’s nice to show that people do care,” Gee said.

Kim Safford, Hazlett’s friend and coworker, said that her favorite part of this event was to see everyone give and donate.

“Everyone got together and donated gift certificates and it’s a hard time right now,” said Safford. “A lot of businesses are struggling and for them to even give back a little is good.”

“We had a good turn out with 44 riders, 20 passengers, and more that came for food and auctions,” said Mark Wilson, an Iron Reign Riders. “We raised $980 in ride fees, $1,058 in cash donations, $1,362 in 50/50’s and no one kept any winnings, they donated it all back. A grand total of $3,400 was presented to Tiffany Hazlett.”

The Iron Reign Riders also donated $100 and six cases of water to the fire department for allowing use of its space for this event.

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