MANSFIELD — The Blaise Alexander dealership here honored local veterans on Saturday, Nov. 21 with a flag raising and an invitation to service members to be recognized for their service.

Blaise Alexander recently underwent some changes to its facilities, including adding their first ever flag pole to the location. They believe it was a good opportunity to honor not only local veterans but also the service members and veterans who work at their location.

“So we are putting up our first ever flag pole for our dealership,” Joel Dreese, general manager of the Mansfield dealership, said. “We are raising a flag here for the first time. We felt as a company that it was best done by those who served the country and we wanted to do it the right way.”

The event saw the local Honor Guard in attendance to lift the flag. The Honor Guard included Commander Daniel Rieppel, Ed Mason, Robert Leyfert, Ernie Rago, Robert Spencer and Catherine Lingle.

Also attending were veterans employed by Blaise Alexander and members of the National Guard.

“All the employees who are participating have served our country,” Dreese said. “So that’s the whole reason we had all of this here today, we felt like it was a good way to handle it.”

Also new to the location was a veterans parking spot being added to the front of the building and, according to Dreese, it is the first time any of their locations have added one.

According to Dreese, the company plans to add more veterans parking spots in the future.

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