Cathryn Brought

Cathryn Brought drives the basketball during the 2019-2020 Lady Hornets basketball season.

Former Wellsboro Hornets multi-sport athlete Cathryn Brought has had the opportunity to continue her basketball journey this season with the Lycoming College Lady Warriors and has been able to garner some playing time in her first season on the roster.

“It’s far more time-consuming than in high school,” Brought said. “We practice almost every day and lift multiple times a week. There is also time on the road for away games, which usually means missing class and getting back very late at night. You have to plan to make-up missed work and stay on top of assignments. The experience has been good because it makes me stick to a schedule and manage my time.“

Brought has come off the bench during her freshman year from the guard spot, and has taken a focus to become a player who is dedicated to playing hard on the defensive end of the floor while still working to improve her efficiency.

Brought was coming off a dominant 2019-2020 basketball season her senior year that saw her score 17.4 points per contest and led a young team to an improbable spot in the District Playoffs with a late-season rally.

Now Brought has been adjusting to a new level of play and has been able to contribute to the 2-5 Lady Warriors and has seen just over eight minutes per game of playing time.

“The competition level is much higher than high school,” Brought said. “The speed of the game is the hardest adjustment to make. Practices are also more demanding and longer.”

She also added that the inclusion of a shot clock, which is not present in high school basketball, has been a challenge to her adjustment to playing a the next level.

Though the level of competition grows, Brought has risen to the challenge and has worked to improve her game to compete at a high-level.

From adjusting to the speed of the game to learning underneath coaches and peers, it has been a learning curve for the first-year player during the year.

I think overall I have improved my speed and defensive skills. The older players have given me many pointers. The constructive feedback from the coaches has made a huge difference.

As the season has continued, Brought has improved and in her game on March 12 she had her most minutes of the season with 12, most points with four and also scored her first career college bucket in a loss to DeSales and has had some memorable moments in just her first six games.

“My first collegiate game will always be a great memory. It was very exciting,” Brought said. “The first time I scored will probably always stand out in my mind. It has been a great experience becoming part of a college team, and getting to know my teammates.”

As her career continues, Brought believes that in the future she will see her role expand in the program and will be working toward earning more minutes during her next three years of play.

I hope so,” Brought answered when asked if she will receive more minutes in the future. “I’ve been really happy to see playing time as a freshman and I’m optimistic that if I continue to work hard, I’ll get more minutes next season. It’s a goal I will work toward.”

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