Camp Susque delivered homemade sticky buns to area hospitals to spread cheer and encourage health care workers in the area. Sticky buns were delivered to Divine Providence, Williamsport and Muncy hospitals on Jan. 6, and to UPMC Lock Haven, UPMC Cole and UPMC Soldier and Sailor hospitals in the northern tier on Jan. 7. More than 1,200 sticky buns were delivered to these locations.

“We hope this is a boost and show of support to our health care workers. It is a joy to give back and to help, in a small way, encourage health care workers who have been working hard and long hours since the beginning of this pandemic,” said Jamie Sanders of Camp Susque.

The idea came from camp director Peter Swift, who said, “We are not able to go about our usual business so we have been looking for ways to encourage and support our community. This is just one small way that we can help.”

Camp Susque has initiated other programs to aid the community during the COVID pandemic. They are currently open to visitors who have limited internet access for the purposes of sharing their Wi-Fi in the parking lot and limited spaces indoors. Susque has also opened its doors with free lodging for health care workers who are in need of a place to quarantine.

Camp Susque is a 501 c3 non-profit non-denominational and ACA accredited Christian camp located in Trout Run. Susque programs include boys and girls summer camps, wilderness adventure trips, family camps, winter Camps and year round retreats and rentals. Camp Susque also hosts outdoor educational classes and field trips for local schools through its School of Discovery.

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