Elkland celebrated a new addition to town that will honor military veterans year-round.

“Driving in today, the banners look great. That’s one of the first things I look for when I go to any town,” said Tim Cleveland, director of veterans affairs in Tioga County. “That’s one way we support and let our veterans know we care about them and we appreciate them.”

Elkland borough council, president Wendy Sherman-Graham and secretary Jill Hall have worked for the past few months to get the Hometown Heroes program going. The first batch of banners was hung throughout town last week and celebrated with a ceremony last Saturday, Nov. 13, at the Elkland fire hall.

“A gentlemen I know said as he was driving through town, he started looking at all the banners and he’s trying to focus on the names and the medals. And his wife is smacking him in the arm because he’s not paying attention to the road,” said Pastor Mike Denelsbeck with a laugh at the ceremony. “So, please walk through town and look at the banners.”

The banners, paid for by family and friends of veterans with local ties, were ordered and installed by the borough. They depict the name and photo of the veteran, along with their military branch and honors. Cleveland’s office helped verify the information for the banners.

“A lot of the names I see as I was driving in are people who have been in my office,” said Cleveland. “That’s the best part of my job is dealing with veterans every day. I get to hear stories from World War II, from Vietnam, Korea, and most times, I’m the first person they talk to about those experiences. So take the opportunity with your kids and when you’re out walking, look at those banners see what they’ve done.”

Hall said banners can still be ordered for $200 to be hung in early 2022. Fill out the form at https://elklandborough.com/forms and drop it off or mail it to the borough office at 105 Parkhurst St., Elkland. For questions, call the office at 814-258-7322.

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