Radio Thieves play in honor of Dennis Gee Jr.

Radio Thieves volunteered to play Saturday night at the Bear A Bar and Grille in Blossburg in honor of Dennis Gee Jr.

Dennis Gee Jr. was scheduled to play at the Bear A Bar and Grille in Blossburg last weekend. It was to be the first of many shows on the new patio outback. But, Gee wouldn’t play Saturday night. Early, on the morning of Sunday Oct. 6, Gee was killed in a one-vehicle accident on State Route 328.

“When I got the phone call Sunday morning I was devastated to say the least,” Cheryl Walter of the Bear A Bar and Grille said.

Walter had talked to Gee a week prior about the gig. Gee was excited about the opportunity to play at the bar where he used to work, Walter said.

After the news broke of Gee’s death, Walter and the staff struggled with what to do. “I couldn’t replace Dennis on the patio. My heart wouldn’t let me do that,” Walter said.

But, the best way to honor Gee was through music. It was what he loved. It was who he was.

So, Walter and the staff at the Bear A decided to hold the concert in honor of Gee. Radio Thieves came forward and volunteered to play. Lead singer Bryon Wright mentioned the influence Gee had on his own musical career.

“His music and the way he touched everyone around him was unbelievable. The impact that he had, he was larger than life. He was the only guy I knew who put everything aside to achieve his dream. He wanted to make you feel better about yourself and that is a hard thing to do,” Wright said.

Wright recalled the first time he tried singing. He was ready to throw in the towel when Gee encouraged him to keep trying. It was Gee’s reassurance that gave Wright the confidence to keep working.

Gee had the ability to make those he met feel better about themselves. As Walter said, he had that personality that drew people in.

“When I met him he acted like he knew you his whole entire life. It’s really unfortunate that his family and the community and everyone has to go through this,” said Sierra Wilcox at Saturday’s benefit at the Bear A.

Even those who only met him a few times made mention of the impact he had in their lives.

“I think it says something about how special a person he was the fact that, I didn’t know him too well, but the times that I did meet him I always felt better. He truly was a different type of person,” Trey Gibson said.