The Gravel Ride travels 105 miles down the Rail Trail

The Endless Mountain Crew is hosting the GT 105 Gravel Ride that travels 105 miles through the Rail Trail.

The Endless Mountains Crew is hosting their first gravel ride named the GT 105 Gravel Ride where bikers will be enduring a grueling 105-mile ride over the gravel of the Pine Creek Rail Trail on Saturday, Aug. 8 starting on The Green in Wellsboro.

“We are starting at the Green and going to go up and over Skyline Drive,” event organizer James Llewellyn said. “Then we are going to go up by the high school and drop down, go straight across Route 6 onto the Rail Trail and then ride the Rail Trail all the way down to Waterville.”

With the event totaling over 105 miles of riding, Llewellyn stressed that it’s not a race and that they would be traveling at what he called a “party pace,” which basically means a grouped moderate pace.

“This is mainly just gravel road riding,” Llewellyn said. “The bike is basically a road bike like they ride in the Tour De France but it can handle wider tires.”

Biking has been a hobby that has sky-rocketed during the current pandemic, and James said that the uptick in the demand for bikes caused him to wait months for his specialized bike for the upcoming event.

“I was reading a New York Times article that said bicycles are the next toilet paper,” Llewellyn said. “I ordered a bike in April to do this and I just got it last week.”

The Endless Mountain Crew has 20 riders already commit with over 70 people interested in the event.

“This is actually the first year we’ve done this,” Llewellyn said. “I was watching a professional athlete talk about having a gravel ride and everyone showing up so I thought I should maybe put it online.”

With the event coming up this Saturday at 7 a.m., James said that for those who wish to enjoy the great outdoors and the beautiful Rail Trail, cycling is a great opportunity to get to enjoy both simultaneously.