Frazier family

The Frazier family poses for a photo after the youngest and newest champion, Hunter Fraizer (middle), won the fourth District Title in Wellsboro for their family on Saturday, June 10.

Winning a District Championship on any stage is hard enough in and of itself, but for three generations and four family members to all reach the pinnacle in the same uniform is even rarer.

“It was very satisfying, to be honest with you,” Tim Frazier (father) said of not only winning one, but watching his sons and grandson claim a championship as well. “When you go back and watch Little League games, it just brings back memories. Little League memories are the best and to be able to watch my grandson just play and then the icing on the cake was to win a championship, it was just great.”

The Frazier family of Wellsboro has now accomplished the rare feat with the newest in the line of champions, Hunter Frazier’s Wellsboro 10U team finishing their undefeated summer with a District 15 Championship win over Athens on Saturday, July 10 for four Little League titles across three generations.

The first member of the family to accomplish the feat was Tim Frazier, who won with Wellsboro in 1964 for the Wellsboro Major All-Star team.

The ‘64 team played in a different era where it was either win or go home, and the Wellsboro team strung wins against the Tioga County All-Stars (which consisted of Stony Fork, Morris, Antrim and Liberty) by a score of 12-9, wins against Sayre and the Northern Tier team and then topped Christy Mathewson Little League for the title.

The managers for the team were Dick Ford and yet another member of the Frazier family to be connected to a title, Tim’s father John Frazier.

Also, a huge part of the team was Keith Tombs who would help with practices throughout the summer and also played a part in their story in the future.

“We were the first District Championship team,” Frazier said. “You didn’t have the pool play or the brackets, you lost, and it was over.”

With the first title coming 67 years ago, the next crop of Fraziers would continue the legacy of District Titles.

The next generation saw two separate players take home titles, with the next coming from his son, also named Tim Frazier, who claimed another title in the Major All-Stars 25 years later in 1989.

This team was led by a familiar face, with Tombs managing that team with the help of Phill Sweet for the second Frazier title.

The ‘89 team was led by two outstanding pitchers on the team, known as “Thunder and Lightning” Phil Hickey and James Kunkle.

That team claimed their title over Tunkhannock to claim the second title for the Frazier family.

In sectionals, they fell to Shippensburg who just a year later competed in the Little League World Series.

In the same generation, Tim’s other son John Frazier would be the next to obtain the honor of District Champion with a title in the senior league (16, 17 and 18-year-olds) in 1996.

The team was coached by Jim Regina, Scott Wilcox and Bill Cook.

Now, 25 years from the last title, Hunter Frazier continued the legacy of championships, with their most current title coming for the 10U team.

“It reminds you of the things you used to do as a family,” Frazier said. “The car trips you used to make to practices, and you always have that bond with a lot of kids that you played with. There is a bond you never lose.”

With four championships across three generations, the Frazier family has continued their legacy of excellence in Wellsboro baseball.

“I don’t think we’re any different than other families who play baseball,” Frazier said. “I just grew up, my father was a good player in Liberty and high school, so it just follows the pattern... To stay here in the area and to see the generations come through the same league that you came through is kind of special.”

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