Poirier kicks ball

Will Poirier kicks the ball during the 2020 season where he was named NTL-MVP, All-State and the Gazette Boys Soccer Player of the Year.

Not many players will ever top some of the accomplishments that Will Poirier produced for the Wellsboro Hornets soccer team, and in 2020 took his game even further as he helped lead his team to an undefeated regular season.

In a year that may not have even happened, the Hornets and Poirier took advantage of their opportunity to the fullest.

“It was extremely important to me that we got to take the field this year,” Poirier said. “I have been playing with these boys since I can ever remember. We have trained long and hard for this season and being able to prove that we could compete was the best feeling.”

Poirier led the entire Northern Tier League in both goals and assists, with 24 and 29 respectively, and reached the 50 goals and 50 assists mark that no other player in Wellsboro soccer history has ever achieved.

“Being recognized again is an awesome feeling,” Poirier said. “It just goes to show me how much of an impact I have really made that will last longer than just this year.”

Poirier’s record-setting season, as well as illustrious career, is why he was named the Gazette Boys Soccer Player of the Year for the 2020 fall sports season, and some of the records and accomplishments he made during his career will last in the Wellsboro record books for the foreseeable future.

“Will’s on-field performance and achievements alone certainly set him apart, but that is just one dimension to the value he brought to our team as a whole,” Wellsboro Head Soccer Coach Todd Fitch said. “I hesitate to mention leadership because it has become cliché, so I will simply say that the team went as Will went. That is a lot of weight for a young man to shoulder, but there is no doubt that in addition to his athleticism, Will’s attitude, approach and influence was significant to our success in 2020.”

It was evident throughout the season that the Wellsboro team was a well-oiled machine, but the engine that made the dynamic offense churn out goals at an alarming rate was Poirier.

His ball-handling and passing constantly put the pieces in motion for the Wellsboro offense to succeed and helped his team reach new heights in program history during the 2020 season.

“I think success tends to follow those who are proactive, take initiative, and invest themselves in some endeavor. Those who work hard and persevere, often when no one else is looking, earn the opportunities that come their way,” Fitch said. “Will is deserving of all the accolades and recognition he has received this season because they are simply a return on his investment. I hope that is the legacy that our younger, developing players embrace.”

Looking forward, Poirier headlines a senior class that was teeming with talent, but Fitch believes that players like Poirier have set the example for the future players and the consistent level of excellence the program has displayed will be in full display in upcoming seasons.

“I am going to miss the connection we had as a team.,” Poirier said. “Whether it was celebrating wins or hanging out after games, that is what I will miss the most.”

With a group of seniors that have been one of the best groups in the area over their four year careers departing, the Hornets will look much different next season, but the culture of sustained success has been pushed to the next level as these seniors head off to their next chapter in life.

“We have to adjust every year to the departure of a senior class, and there have been notable ones in the program’s history. This group of seniors is no exception,” Fitch said. “We have to prepare for that reality, and this year’s senior class leaves big shoes to fill from back to front. In regards to Will specifically, his stats and his achievements reveal that he will be a big loss, yet history shows that there will be others who will come along to fill the void left by Will and this senior class.“

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