Feeders 3 coming soon

Randy Sabatini on the left and Mark Polonia on the right show an alien that is in the upcoming movie, “Feeders Three the Final Meal.”

Aliens from the movie “Feeders” make their way back into film for a third time. Mark Polonia, Victor Franko and Randy Sabatini work together to bring “Feeders Three the Final Meal” to the screen.

Polonia, producer and director of the upcoming film, also worked on the past “Feeders” movie that was released in 1996. The sci-fi/horror film was a successful movie for Polonia when it was picked up by Blockbuster Video.

“‘Feeders’ was probably one out of a few successful films because that was a Blockbuster Video, when at the time, it was the hugest retail rental chain. They picked it up so it was all over the United States. This was the most successful independent film of the year. We probably sold 8,000 copies to just them. For 1996, a movie shot for next to nothing, it’s a success story,” Polonia said.

“John and Mark Polonia are responsible for easily more than 1,000 independent filmmakers in this country. Thats a fact. So, Mark always gets calls from filmmakers and students from around the whole country because of the inspiration movies like ‘Feeders’,” Franko said.

After 20 years, Mark Polonia filmed the third film in the Feeders franchise throughout Tioga County from Wednesday, Sept. 30, through Sunday, Oct. 4. Screen shots were filmed in places such as the Wellsboro Diner, the Red Skillet, Mansfield University and more.

Franko and Polonia have known each other for several years, but it was not until Franko reached out with the idea of shooting the film that they made plans to meet. They met face to face for the first time on the first day of shooting for the film.

“He sent me a pretty detailed script, which was pretty clever. It kind of combines elements of the first two movies in a new way and then add some new stuff. I tweaked it a little and here we are shooting,” said Palonia.

Randy Sabatini, a producer and actor for the film, said, “At a time when everybody’s hungry in the world for something to do, they should watch feeders feed. We are all hungry for something to do, so watch feeders feed.”

Palonia, Franko and Sabatini joke together, “The third part should wrap it up. Should, but don’t know yet. There could be room for dessert.”