Camp Invention returns

The 2019 Camp Invention will focus on flight and robotics, featuring hands-on, problem-solving fun activities for children.

Camp Invention builds confidence and problem-solving skills in young innovators through hands-on, fun activities, according to a press release. In the newly-announced 2020 program, Elevate, campers will explore the principles of flight, design their own sports facilities and protect ecosystems. And at the end of the program, each camper will bring home a robot.

Camp Invention, a program of the National Inventors Hall of Fame in partnership with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, provides a unique experience for children to make discoveries about the importance of intellectual property while exploring, creating and designing.

Camp promotes science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning; builds leadership, perseverance and resourcefulness; and encourages entrepreneurship — in an exciting and engaging environment.

Each year, the program features a new curriculum inspired by some of this nation’s greatest inventors — the NIHF Inductees. For 2020, the Elevate curriculum features video challenges from these inductees encouraging children to be confident in their ideas and explore their ability to innovate. The hands-on modules include:

  • Camp Invention Flight Lab: Children learn about flight with gliders, rockets, heliballs and hand-copters. They build a cityscape from upcycled materials, navigate planes through a storm and take apart a robot.
  • Design Thinking Project: Campers bring their biggest ideas to life. They create sketches, build prototypes, design logos and find out how to pitch their invention while protecting their intellectual property.
  • Rescue Squad: Using teamwork and problem-solving skills, children protect the Earth’s ecosystems. Activities include creating pods to compete in zipline races, exploring energy conservation, eliminating pollution and helping wildlife in habitats across the country.
  • Camp Invention Champions: As they discover the unseen inventors behind their favorite sports, campers apply their own ingenuity. They trade inventor playing cards, create and play their own high-energy hover-ball games, and design and build the ultimate sports complex.

“My children thrive in this project-based learning model — with authentic learning experiences focused on capturing their imagination and their potential to be creative problem solvers,” said Christine F., the parent of two 2019 campers.Local programs are facilitated and taught by certified educators who reside and teach in the community.

Annually, Camp Invention programs benefit more than 130,000 children and partner with 1,800 schools and districts across the nation.

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About Camp Invention

Camp Invention is the only nationally recognized summer program focused on creativity, innovation, real-world problem solving and the spirit of invention. Through hands-on programming, Camp Invention encourages children entering kindergarten through sixth grade to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics curriculum inspired by some of the world’s greatest inventors. Camp Invention is a program of the National Inventors Hall of Fame. This nationwide, nonprofit organization is committed to the curious minds and innovative spirits of the past, present and future. Since 1990, our education programs have served more than 1.5 million children, and 170,000 teachers and Leadership Interns. For more information, visit