Tioga County was no exception to demonstrations protesting racial injustice this year.

On June 11 in Elkland, nearly 20 people took to the streets with signs for a peaceful demonstration organized by two local 17-year-olds.

More than 150 people gathered on the Wellsboro Green on June 13 for a candlelight vigil to remember victims of racial violence throughout the U.S. Vigil-goers stood or kneeled silently, while armed opponents said they were there to “to protect the courthouse if things got out of hand.”

On June 14, two rallies followed by speakers were held in Mansfield in support of people of color and to bring attention to police-related incidents. A march in support of Black Lives Matter was held in the borough on Aug. 28.

A Black Lives Matter demonstration in Wellsboro on July 10 was met with both support and aggression. While approximately 25 local protesters silently held signs highlighting racial inequality, other people gathered on the sidewalk hurled insults and racial epitaphs. The evening ended with Wellsboro police handcuffing and removing a man

In September, a Neighbors for Black Lives Matter protest organized by Tioga County Indivisible was held in Mansfield. Protesters held signs supporting Black Lives Matter and heard from speakers as part of a national movement for the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

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