The Elkland borough council discussed flooding and subsequent erosion on North Buffalo Street at the November meeting.

Stream restoration in needed where a section of guard rails is failing and the roadway is in jeopardy of erosion. One home near Kizer Creek is in danger of being damaged by erosion. The Conservation Corps is reportedly planning to install a stream restoration to protect the home.

Council agreed to ask that the Conservation Corp repair the area upstream from the residence where Buffalo Street is eroding. Council authorized employee Dan Clark to proceed with the plan to have the Conservation Corps set the rip rap along North Buffalo in Kizer Creek.

The recent scoping of the borough’s sewer lines revealed deficiencies and interesting finds. Debris was found in some lines while other lines were completely missing. Infiltration is major concern.

The Department of Environmental Resources encouraged the borough to find the cause and eliminate the problem. The water entering the borough’s sewer treatment plant is being treated, which elevates costs for the community.

Some holes in the lines were covered with signs while grease in drain lines was also noted. Some locations have sump pumps hooked into the borough’s sewer system. Currently the camera project is on West Main Street where it is believed that an extra 300,000 gallons of infiltration is generated.

The council proposed that any work needed on West Main Street be done prior to the state project to mill and repave State Route 49 there.

The heating system at the borough’s sewer treatment plant has begun to malfunction. Thermostats have been changed however it did not address the problem. It is possible that the system has faulty zone valves but the boiler also has holes. The borough will seek an estimate for repairs.

Council heard about a Green Light Go Grant program that, if secured, would assist with the cost of replacing the traffic signal on Main Street. The current street light support is reportedly causing structural damage to a building in the business district. To qualify for the grant, an engineering study is needed.

In other business, council:

  • Agreed to dispose of records as set forth by the Pa. Historical Society and offer the service to residents.
  • Accepted the resignation of Rosemary Hackett from the recreation authority.
  • Will investigate an increase of 5.9% from Keystone payroll by Councilman Rick Collins. Paper checks and pay stubs are expected to be eliminated, which are currently provided to employees. Council will review the contract employees to prevent any violation.
  • Agreed to enforce the Clean Air Act of 2008 prohibiting smoking in public places.
  • Will advertise changes to the parking ordinance that will allow for the borough police force to enforce the parking violations.
  • Agreed to buy a power band saw for $579.

The Elkland borough council will meet at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 8.

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