Elkland Borough will re-open the borough office to the public starting Nov. 16. Stickers have been placed on the floor providing a guide for social distancing.

An entrance and exit have been established. Hand sanitizer is available and masks are required. The office will no longer require the public schedule visits by appointment only.

To provide adequate space at the public meeting, the council has changed the meeting date and location for the next three months. The meetings will be held in the large meeting room of the Elkland Fire Department at the same location. The meetings will be held at 6:30 p.m. on the second Thursday monthly in December, January and February. The meeting date was changed due to a conflict with the availability of the meeting room.

Council approved a three-year extension of the garbage contract with a 6% increase each year for an 18% increase over the life of the agreement. The contract with Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority will allow for a $10,000 increase annually. Rates for residents has not been announced.

Authority chairman Mark Goodrich has negotiated the purchase of nutrient credits for $7,500. It is necessary to purchase 1,600 credits due to more phosphorous and nitrogen released into the waterways than the amount set by the Department of Environmental Protection. Elkland has to purchase credits from communities that released less than its established amount of nutrients credits.

Questions arose as to why the bills for the community had been reduced by half. Currently, the borough is expensing about $50,000 where in the past it was more than $100,000. Council reported that, in the past, the payroll was included as part of the monthly expenses but has been removed as it is a budgeted expense.

In the absence of council president Wendy Graham, the subject of restricting visitors from talking about non-agenda items was tabled.

Council discussed repairs at the community swimming pool. Repairs were not made and the impellers needed for pumps are not readily available, making it difficult to get a price the repairs.

Elkland Borough council will met at 6 p.:30 p.m. Dec. 10 in the meeting room at the Elkland Fire Department.

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