Knoxville borough council approved the tentative 2022 budget at the November meeting with no tax increase planned. The budget will be advertised and on display for 10 days for interested individuals to view. The budget will be adopted at the December meeting.

The budget’s general fund is at $153,951; other accounts include sewer $177,111 and, water $109,757, impact fee $10,045, liquid fuels $17,272 and payroll account at $118,468.

During a discussion of the $614.92 bill for light bulbs at the waste water treatment facility, the council agreed to develop a form for such expenditures prior to purchase. Items that are required for normal operation will be allowed to be purchased without a form, but items like the bulbs that can be postponed will be reviewed.

Council heard complaints about a road tractor reportedly running nearly nonstop along with a generator in the borough. Councilman Carl Cox will look into the matter, reviewing the ordinance to determine if there is a noise ordinance violation and then contact the owner of the vehicle.

Council will proceed with subdividing 3.8 acres of borough land that sits near other privately owned land. The borough was unaware of ownership and will offer the portion of the acreage to the adjoining land owners at a reduced rate.

The council will meet at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 20.

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