LAWRENCEVILLE — Borough council continues to struggle with providing service to those interested in connecting to the borough’s sewer system.

Council again reviewed the issue at the Oct. 5 meeting. Several individuals are interested in connecting residential or rental properties to the sewer system, but the Department of Environmental Protection has restricted the borough from adding connections due to the high levels of infiltration into the system.

Council has made efforts to reduce the infiltration, however councilman Gordon Chilson said those efforts have failed. Little change was seen after a slip lining project.

After the slip lining project, the borough requested five additional connections and the DEP approved three, all of which were awarded to the first person on the list. That individual requested four.

Others on the list said the connections should have been distributed to three people, not just the first person. Others noted that the list was only the names of those interested and did not provide a number of equivalent dwelling unit connections requested.

At an prior meeting, a resident had suggested a conference call with the borough, DEP and the person awarded the connections. Chilson said that DEP declined involvement in a call.

With the help of the planning commission and the softball association, the borough will hold a trunk or treat on Oct. 31 at the ballfield. Only residents of the borough and the township are permitted to attend.

Voters will be cast their ballots in the township as it was too late to move the polling place into the borough. Voting used to occur at the Lawrenceville Fire Hall until it was destroyed by fire in July 2019. At that time, the polling place was moved to the township. The borough is seeking a location within the borough.

Council again discussed the lack of fines on the borough ordinances. During the re-codification process, the fine amounts were omitted. The fines must be defined prior to the ordinances being enforced.

The fire hydrants will be flushed again prior to winter. The residents will be notified of the date.

A letter will be sent to the Lawrenceville Fire Department requiring it to protect the water line or face fines. The building has recently demolished, leaving the water lines exposed to the weather.

The council will also meet with the Lawrenceville Fire Department to work on the contract for 2021.

The Lawrenceville borough council will meet at 7 p.m. Nov. 2.