Nelson Township supervisors will seek bids for improvements on River Street.

At the April meeting, the board said the project is funded by the Pennsylvania Dirt and Gravel Road Program. Bids will be accepted and opened in May with a pre-bid meeting to be set prior to the awarding of the bids. A portion of the roadway there is sliding off and is causing a large dip in the roadway.

Supervisors discussed a problem with the boiler in the community building. Supervisor Allen Arnold said the boiler needs to be checked to determine if it can be repaired of if it needs to be replaced.

Supervisors heard that the municipal authority is seeking engineering guidance to develop a plan to address problems with the water system. Several changes will be made to the system to address the stagnant water in the system.

Some changes could include: reducing levels in the water storage unit, schedule flushing of hydrants, checking valves and changing the flow direction within the system.

Supervisors received, opened and reviewed bids for equipment and materials for upcoming road work. Bids for sandstone 2A, R5 stone, anti-skid were awarded to Decristo, Cross and Bristol respectively. No equipment bids were awarded as.

The supervisors reviewed a land use permit for a camp in the township. Construction at the camp is projected at $400,000.

Supervisors approved an in-home daycare on Brown Town Road.

Supervisors rescinded a prior motion to increase the water connection fee from $50 to $500. The increase was proposed as the amount does not cover the related costs.

June 5 is set for trash day in the community.

The Nelson Township supervisors will meet at 6 p.m. May 10.

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